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Beyond the Loftwinds, at the highest reaches of the sky, is the aurosphere. Undulating aetherial waves of emerald and fuschia trace across the star-speckled expanse. When the summer sun reflects off the Kalyptian Disc, ribbons stream lazy ley-lines all the way south to the Abyss - an effect known as the Aurora Meridialis. During these periods, plant life experiences dramatic surges in growth.   More than a simple celestial light show, the levinlights are a divine ward that protects Gahla from the dangers that lurk in the infinite blackness of the noctisphere. When a comet grazes by, when the sun lashes out in fiery whips, they can trigger sudden and violent surges of skyfire. As ayrlands approach the tempest, the auroral discharges grow in magnitude, and trigger lightning storms. Smart ayrlanders protect their cities by sheltering them under the protection of tall mountains. Where no mountains exist, gahls should rely on lightning rods, runed obelisks, and grounding towers. These will safely absorb the impact if constructed properly, otherwise, the shock might overload the ayrland's resistance, and set off a flux explosion beneath the earth.

Cover image: by Ana Boberg (PD)