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The Glacial Wastes

Fryggidios is a dark, cold, and inhospitable land under constant bombardment from falling ayrlands. Thunderous tremors shatter the ice sheets as the flux inside the ayrlands ignites upon impact. The call of the abyss draws hundreds of icebergs and glacial shelves tighter together. They grind, fuse, and break anew, creating a continent whose pieces are always shuffling. At the southernmost latitude is the Devil's Maw, a jagged crater-like ridge that encircles the abyss itself. What reasons anyone might have to justify venturing there is for the individual alone to reconcile. It is an utterly bleak place with little to offer besides a view into the void. There is but a single sorry village there: Pandaemonium, a place every bit as mad as its name would imply.   The majority of the territory comprising Fryggidios is the band of ice sheets called the Crush. It is a broad tundra littered with deepshards and junk mounds, where salvagers from the outlaw city of Brokenbow hunt for relics and ayrship parts. On the northern coast of Fryggidios are the Slorrfjords, a land that reconfigures itself with the freezes and thaws of the seasons. From the Mor'Rahan port settlement of Kennelridge, sledding expeditions into the Crush are launched, as are voyages across the Saltsea, for those brave enough to take on Gahla's deadly oceans. In Fryggidios survival against the elements is tested on a daily basis, and careless travelers will soon find themselves falling prey to hungry polar beasts, or crews of ruthless bandits.

Cover image: by Ivan Aviazovsky (PD)