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Ayre Sessonia

The Skynests

Ayre Sessonia is a realm of lush micro-ayrlands that streak through the Loftwinds, nourished by the colorful, manna-enriched clouds of the Sayrsea. They are bouyed by thick forests of flutewood that allow the ayrles to breathe and sing, and they house treasured lakes of purest brillewater where wisps and dryads like to congregate. High above the ashen clouds of the tempest, the sunlight is plentiful, and the air breathes pure, at least for those who have mastered the techniques to survive the thinness of it.   Great cranes roam the vast cirrus expanse, working as teams to collect and tow the stray ayrles to their Skynests. They stranding together ever-expanding clusters of earth, weaving them with stretches of long fruited vines. Here the enormous birds can lay eggs and rest their wings. Gliderhares and Roobats stuck on small isolated ayrlands can now leap from rocky escarpment to the next, and find mates from distant skies. Likewise the bird's riders and keepers stop to stretch their legs and gather material for their abodes - cities of wicker and silk balloons meshed together with brightly colored ropes draped with penants. The skynests are also where Sayr'Rahans build their villages and waystations and inns.

Cover image: by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (PD)