Sairis Helosi

Written by Sierra Brown
Artwork by NovaCandy

Senior Sergeant Sairis Julius Helosi


A human woman of both Arshan and Sionian culture, formerly a member of Alpha Squadron's Blackjack 20-C and now an engineering shift leader aboard the ACV Esther IV.


Look, Scorpion. I don't give a damn what you think is better. I'm the one keeping your spectre from falling apart. If you fly back into this hangar with a burnt out drive capacitor one more time from a training exercise, that capacitor's not going to be the only thing that's burned. Got it? Good.

— Private Sairis Helosi Deck 04 Pilot's Lounge, ACV Esther IV, following a routine training exercise

A human of Sionian and Arshan descent, Sairis was born along the Arshan-Sionian border as a dual-citizen of the United Arshan Federation and the Republic of Sion's Katar Tribe. Her entire career has been as a hanger engineer in the UAF's military, first serving in Delta Squadron, then transferring to Alpha Squadron alongside her fiance, a transport pilot named Matthias Arcole.

Helosi, until recently, served aboard the ACV Esther IV, the flagship of an Alpha Squadron mobile battle group conducting operations along the Solus front near the Tri-Border Region, as a co-pilot and in-flight technician for Blackjack 20-C. Following the events of Zavos, Helosi now serves as an engineering shift lead aboard the ACV Esther IV for the hanger bay on deck 4, and leads the technicians that make up shift 8.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Standing at about 5'10", Sairis is a red-haired, green-eyed, tan-skinned woman of clearly Sionian descent. Her body is covered in scarring from cuts and burns, but she holds an expression of fierce, silent determination that shows her Arshan side. Her toned body, and the engineering uniform she wears, both speak to her experience in the engineering field within the United Arshan Federation's military.

Body Features

She stands at a height of 178 cm (5'10") and weighs about 67 kg (147 lb). She is half Sionian, half Arshan, though she shows more of her Sionian side in both appearance and mannerisms. Her hair is shoulder length, red, and typically tied back in a ponytail while her skin is a lightly tanned color, and her eyes green.

Identifying Characteristics

Her body is covered in various cut and burn scars, from head to toe, leaving her appearing permanently disfigured.


Shuttle Crash

Show spoiler

Sairis' burn scarring comes from the aftermath of Redeagle transport Blackjack 20-C crash-landing on Zavos VII. An EMP burst of, at the time, unknown origin disabled all systems while the transport was on entry with the infantry squad Dragon 12-A. The pilot, and Sairis' fiance, Matthias Arcole, died in the crash alongside two members of Dragon 12-A.

Physical quirks

Sairis is primarily left handed.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically she can be seen wearing the standard issue engineering jumpsuit, rolled down with a tanktop, and combat boots - The Esther IV's captain is not too picky about dress code, as long as rank and role are still apparent on whatever she's wearing. However, when actively working, the jumpsuit is worn properly to prevent loose sleeves or cloth from getting caught in machinery or getting in the way. She is left handed, and has a habit of coldly pushing away social contact when stressed, or becoming entirely quiet when focused on something.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

On January 22, 545 AST, Sairis Helosi was born on the ACF Panner to an Arshan mother (Bailey Davison-Helosi) and a Sionian father (Zyiack Helosi). Her father, a member of the Federation's Delta Squadron, served as a transport pilot ferrying supplies between the Panner, various vessels, and the planet below. Her mother served aboard the Panner as one of the station's engineers, in particular working on many of the station's internal systems including electronics, gravity, and power generation. Sairis has one sibling: A younger brother named Emory Lon Helosi whom was born when she was 5 years old.


As she grew up, Sairis had taken an interest in the systems her mother worked on, and eventually was allowed to shadow Bailey during some of her shifts aboard the station. She was taught a few things here and there, helped her mother with some of the easier work, and soon became an official apprentice to engineering as she came of legal age for apprenticeships (20 years of age by Arshan reckoning).


Her apprenticeship took her from working on the station's subsystems, to working on shuttle and strike craft docked within the hanger. Finding she enjoyed the latter work more - Especially when it involved going out aboard one of these craft - She was officially stationed as a hanger technician following her two year apprenticeship.


Delta Shuttle Technician


Delta Hanger Technician


Alpha Hanger Technician


Alpha Hanger Shift Lead


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Prior to the events of 'Zavos', Sairis worked aboard the ACV Esther IV, as an Alpha Squadron shuttle engineer under Blackjack Unit 20. She worked closely with shuttle pilot Matthias Arcole, with whom she was engaged, and was typically aboard his shuttle during operations that may require field repairs, a co-pilot for long range runs, or someone manning the turret controls.


Currently, Sairis continues to work aboard the Esther IV. However, she now serves as a ship's engineer maintaining the battle-carrier's systems instead of individual shuttle-craft. She's received two promotions, and now holds a shift lead assignment as a Technical sergeant.


Family Ties

Bailey Davison-Helosi Mother
Emory Lon Helosi Brother
Zyiack Helosi Father


Sairis Helosi

Subordinate; Friend (Important)

Towards Siyan Zelios



Siyan Zelios

Superior; Friend (Important)

Towards Sairis Helosi



Sairis Helosi

Fiance (Vital)

Towards Matthias Arcole



Matthias Arcole

Fiance (Vital)

Towards Sairis Helosi



Legal Status


Sairis Helosi

Co-worker (Trivial)

Towards Seth Black



Seth Black

Co-worker (Important)

Towards Sairis Helosi




Throughout the entirety of Sairis Helosi's tenure aboard the ACV Esther IV, her and Seth Black have found themselves having to work together on multiple occasions. While Black is a pilot for one of the Wyvern strike teams, Helosi worked as a hanger technician that serviced both Wyvern and Blackjack craft when not deployed aboard Blackjack 20-C. Black's more seemingly reckless flight style that put excessive strain on whatever he was piloting led to some conflict between the two as Helosi continuously told him to stop damaging the strike craft's frame during training exercises.

Birthdate January 22, 545 AST
Age 38 years Arshan
Nationality United Arshan Federation
Katar Tribe
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Senior Sergeant 1-4: Alpha Squadron
  Hanger Shift Lead CT-1: ACV Esther IV Deck 4, Shift 8
Currently Held Titles
ACF Panner
Current Residence
ACV Esther IV
Biological Sex
Emerald green, almond-shaped, angled
Shoulder-length, straight, coppery-red. Typically held in a ponytail.
178 cm (5'10")
67 kg (147 lb)
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

Raised by an Arshan mother and a Sionian father, Sairis grew up bilingual, speaking both Arshan and the Katarian dialect of the Sionian language fluently.

Cover image: Sairis Helosi in Arshan Formal Uniform by HiredClaws
Character Portrait image: Sairis Helosi in Arshan Formal Uniform by HiredClaws


Author's Notes

This article is primarily written based on the character's status and appearance in the year 583 AST. Additional information will be included for certain periods in the character's life and/or events in the Galaxies End universe (I.e., the character's status, appearance, and role as of the time a certain story or event takes place), and will clearly state if this is the case.

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