Caseless Ammunition

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown.
Special thanks to KailoESS for assisting with gun and munitions research.

A form of ammunition developed by the United Arshan Federation based on old 21st century pre-war experimental designs. This technology is used in all forms of Arshan-made rifles and gun batteries and many forms of Arshan-bloc Sionian weaponry.


Despite being an experimental concept in the early 21st century prior to the Third War, caseless ammunition has only recently become a commonly used technology within the United Arshan Federation. These rounds are designed to reduce production costs and the potential risks provided with leftover bullet casings in ship interiors or on covert operations by removing the metallic case entirely. Most caseless rounds have no covering at all, leaving the packed and shaped solid propellant exposed, though there has been some experimentation with using various 'sleeves' to reduce the risk of damaging the round when handling.

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Access & Availability

Caseless ammunition is commonly available throughout the United Arshan Federation and Arshan-bloc of the Republic of Sion in various forms. Typically, these are rifle bullets and ammunition for other small-arms, but caseless ammunition is also used for ship-mounted gun batteries and point-defense systems.

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