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Capitol Shift and Population Hold

The Capitol Shift is a public letter written to the people of Dremith about the move of the royal family. The Letter also contains a new law about limiting population in cities bordering the Feral Wyld.


The purpose of the letter was to inform the residents of Dremith of the change in capitol cities. It was also made to inform the population of the royal family moving to the new capitol and to encourage those who live along the edge of the Feral Wyld to move as well. The letter also includes the newest population law stopping the cities nearest the forest from accepting new residents.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The letter was originally read out by the king from their palace in Redhall to those who were gathered to hear it. Since then it has been copied and sent out to town criers, and publication companies across Dremith so everyone could read it.

Legal status

This letter had been dictated and signed by the royal family of Dremith giving it high legal standing.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Signatories (Characters)


Author's Notes

Thank-you to Artbreeder for a wonderfully generated picture of what the reading of the Capitol Shift and Population Hold letter would have looked like.

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