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Aldania (al-DAY-nee-uh)

Aldania is known as the Last True Kingdom of Galania. While Rexandor fell to the greed of imperialism, the Esterland Republic divested power to the people and Bastion remains a kingdom in name only, Aldania remains true to the Old Ways.   The Ferbrandt dynasty ruled Aldania for 777 years, until King Perran VII died at the age of 77, on the 7th day of the 7th month, departing this life with no heir from any of his seven wives. Thus did the throne pass to his 7th cousin, King Erotel of the Wainbright dynasty, who is now in his 77th year of uneasy rule and acutely aware that his people spit at the mention of the number seven. To this day, rumours swirl as to the nature of Perran's death, whether it was a curse or a plot or even divine wrath for untold proclivities. None claim it was coincedence.  


The capital of Aldania is the magnificent city of Geldrun, which sits atop a hill on the western edge of the Market Lake. The famous Emerald Keep acts as both the royal palace and a defensive fortress of astounding architecture, built of immense white-grey stones with malachite decoration. Its magnificence was achieved by enlisting the help of the Dunhammer Clan, who have close ties with Aldania uncharacteristic of the dwarven clans. The glory of Geldrun is tainted only by the unpopular rule of King Erotel, who looks uneasily to the rising power of Rexandor as his people secretly curse his name.   On the south coast of Aldania lies Silvershard, a major port of Shimmershift Bay famed for the silver mined from its cliffs. The city faces increasing peril from erosion as Duchess Julene greedily demands more extensive mining, which resulted in the Witless Wolf tavern collapsing into the bay three years ago. The mining operations did not cease, however. Julene is rarely seen outside of her silver-plated tower, but she makes sure the noble families of the city are paid well enough to support her rule.   The town of Eastshade sits slightly inland at the foot of the Cragloft mountains, rich in minerals and precious metals. Earl Dolan Pellyn rules somewhat in isolation from the rest of Aldania, with good natrual defences and a flourishing fishing industry from the nearby coastal village of Finsby. The people are content to be left alone from the troubles of the kingdom and Pellyn gives them no cause for internal strife. The rest of Aldania consider Eastshade to be odd - almost outsiders - with some suggesting that they are forging ties with the Gelhellan Isles and intend to defect.   At the south edge of the Great Forest is the town of Southwood, the main source of lumber in Aldania. It is also the only town permitted to hunt in the Great Forest by royal decree, though poachers are not uncommon. The lumber trade and hunting rights are overseen by Earl Gerran Longbranch, a huge man with sharp features and untamed red hair. He is seen as a folk hero who years ago defeated a goblin invasion from the forest almost single-handedly. He is also a personal friend of King Erotel, who makes sure to visit Southwood for a hunt and some enthusiastic carousing at least once a year.   Goldshore is a fishing and farming village on the west coast of Aldania, known for its picturesque beaches and clement weather. Its populace consists mainly of halflings, being the place where seafarers from the Gelhellan Isles settled many centuries ago. Earl Corrin Goodbarrel is a merry sort, happy to muck in with the harvest and join songs at the tavern, though his reputation for womanising and debauchery has left him in poor standing at the Geldrun court. Some fear he is giving halflings a bad name and making things worse for them in Aldania.   At the intersection of roads from Southwood, Goldshore, Eastshade and Halton's Rest lies the Crossed Paths Inn. This extensive inn is frequently sold out, though guests unable to secure a room are welcome to sleep in the lavish banquet hall. The proprietor, a halfling woman named Cora Greenbottle, is so busy that she never seems to sleep. She is constantly short-staffed and so often enlists the help of guests for certain tasks in exchange for a discount.   Halton's Rest  is a picturesque village on the edge of both the Market Lake and the Great Forest. It enjoys close connections with Geldrun, Ringleton and Dunhammer, as well as passing trade from the south road. The village was founded by the retired adventurer Brock Halton, who had passed through the area many years prior and sworn that when his arm became too tired to swing a sword anymore, he would rest there. His sword, the famous Cleftwind, still hangs on the mantle above the hearth in the Weary Wanderer's Inn. The Haldons of Haldonhold claim to be distant descendents of Halton, though they have nothing to back up this claim. The village has recently been appointed a ruler, Baroness Dahlia Everwood, who has so far abused her position for personal gain.   In the centre of the Aldanian plains sits the town of Ringleton, named for the bells in the spire of the Great Temple of Eormus. The temple is a pilgrimage site for many across the world, though some resent the town being ruled by High Priest Aerich and his Eormian followers. The more fanatical priests claim that the temple is built upon the hill where Eormus stood and proclaimed the laws of the world into existence - a dubious claim which other priests refute, citing instead that the story of the temple's ancient foundation is metaphorical, though important nonetheless. Whatever the truth is, none but the High Priest are permitted access to the deepest foundations of the temple, where every night at the darkest point he goes to perform a secret ritual that is passed down to each High Priest by direct divination from Eormus himself.   The coastal village of Shaleby is often eerily quiet for long stretches as most people are usually out at sea, fishing. When everyone returns, strange songs in an unfamiliar tongue to outsiders can be heard in the taverns. The villagers claim it is the voice of the merfolk, who taught it to their ancestors. Most outsiders assume the truth is that it is a language from the Gelhellan Isles, where Shaleby ships sometimes frequent. Baron Gregory Wentle smiles coyly when asked about the songs, and gives his answer in the odd language.   The castle town of Westwatch is named somewhat ironically to its residents, as for the living memory of most people all eyes have been watching the north, expecting to see the imperial armies of Rexandor marching to the far bank of the river. Duke Erard Horne is a stern military type who sees the defence of Aldania as the foremost duty of every man, woman and child. His increasing requirements for public service on top of everyday work have left the people of Westwatch tired and angry, and rumours of an underground group seeking to remove him from power circulate amongst the taverns.   Thrice Wash Keep overlooks a river fork where legend has it that washing your clothes in each strand of the river will bring good fortune. Most residents of the castle put this to practice, as they know that they will need all the luck they can muster if Rexandor attempts another invasion. Even Baron Ortur Beringer can sometimes be seen by the river banks in his smallclothes, topping up his luck for the month.   Nestled between forest, mountain and river, the hamlet of Glisterel at the southeast border of Aldania is one of the most prominent gnomish settlements on the continent. Its homesteads are an eclectic mixture of Aldanian buildings, large hollowed mushrooms and decorated caves. While the gnomes are technically part of the kingdom, Baron Orryn Murnig sees his title as mostly ceremonial. He much prefers tinkering with inventions and contraptions which can be found scattered about the hamlet.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Last of the Great Kingdoms

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