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Halton's Rest

Halton's Rest is a village in the kingdom of Aldania, nestled between the Market Lake and the Great Forest. It was founded around 800 years ago by the legendary adventurer Brock Halton and remains a popular haunt of adventurers.  

Recent Events

Baroness Dahlia Everwood was appointed by King Erotel a year ago after the death (due to old age) of Baron Thorwald, who had no heir. The Baroness has abused her position to raise taxes as high as she can legally get away with and the villagers are furious with her.   The elf Xinlan, renowned as a wise and knowledgable man, was murdered. The crime scene suggested it was a burglary gone wrong, and the thief apparently intended to steal a strange pendant which had recently 'awakened' according to Xinlan's diary. However, the stolen pendant was a decoy, with the real pendant hidden inside an ornate brass globe.  


Justice Flumen (human)

High Priestess of the Temple of Heleth's Justice. A stern but fair woman, who disapproves of the Baroness's actions but is sworn to uphold the law. She bears a golden staff topped with a heart-shaped ruby, encircled by golden flames.  

Captain Marley (human)

Captain of the guard. Friendly and affable, despite her guard being stretched thin and having to deal with an increasingly disguntled populace.  

Xinlan (elf)

A very old elf who was known far and wide as a wise man who would offer advice to those who came to him. He was murdered in his own home.  

Baroness Dahlia Everwood (human)

Appointed a year ago by royal decree, the Baroness is rude, uncaring and greedy, having abused her position for personal gain at the expense of her subjects.  

Harold Stowington (human)

Steward of Everwood Manor. Cold, officious and loyal to the Baroness.  

Bill (human)

Stableboy at Everwood Manor. Very nervous and seems to be especially afraid of Stowington.  

Zan (human)

Stablegirl at Everwood Manor.  

Short Sal (human)

Housemaid at Everwood Manor. Is so short that she is usually mistaken for a halfling, which appears to be a sore point with her.  

Fuller (dwarf)

Cook at Everwood Manor.  

Diligence (tiefling)

Handmaid to the Baroness at Everwood Manor.    


1 - Weary Wanderer’s Inn


2 - Temple of Heleth’s Justice

Overseen by the High Priestess, Justice Flumen, a stern but fair woman with a golden staff.

3 - Docks


4 - Everwood Manor

Home of Baroness Dahlia Everwood. The manor was previously known as Haltonhome, as far back as anyone can remember, but the Baroness renamed it after herself.   The house and staff are managed by the steward, Harold Stowington. The rest of the staff are:
Fuller (cook) Dwarf
Short Sal (housemaid) Human, though so short she is mistaken for a halfling
Zan (stablegirl) Human
Bill (stableboy) Human
Diligence (handmaid) Tiefling  

5 - Halton’s House of Heroics


6 - Cherished Mare Inn


7 - Granthem’s Goods and Services


8 - Dunsteel Smithy


9 - Barracks

Captain Marley resides here when not out on duty.  

10 - Wicked Woodsman Tavern


11 - Fellstar’s Carpentry


12 - The Grand Oak


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