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Wanderer's Rest Inn

Standing amongst the heather and gorse of Balihr Heath was a surprisingly sizable building. As the group approached it, they could make out that it was made of the traditional sod roof, but with stacked stone walls instead of bricks. Clearly, its owner had more than the usual means of the folk living on the bare heathlands. It even had a door made from sawn wood planks, and a sign hanging outside one of its glass-paned windows read "Wanderer's Rest."

The Wanderer's Rest Inn sits on the road between Ironforge and Rosewick, in the middle of the Balihr heathlands. It has withstood the test of time for nearly two hundred years, passed through the generations of the family of ratfolk that own it. Many travellers pass along the road and stop to stay at this inn, so it sees a significant amount of business despite its location in the middle of a desolate land.

Because the inn has received such a large amount of business thanks to its convenient location, the owners have been able to upgrade the building's materials and add rooms and more services. Currently, it is built of stone bricks brought from Ironforge, with a door of sturdy planks and real glass windowpanes, something very rare for such a rural area. The floors are made of stone and wood. It has a small upstairs with two sleeping rooms, and three more on the ground level. There is a substantial kitchen connected to a bar and dining area, well stocked with food and drink for passing travellers. The owners sleep in a small, simple house set behind the inn itself. Despite the substantial income of the inn, the roof remains made of sod, traditional for the rural areas of Balihr.

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