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Klauth's Fury

On the southern end of Kethendia, one must be careful of the volcano known as Klauth's Fury. A volatile and active volcano, it erupts more frequently than most volcanoes in Galactus.

A History in Flames

In BV 432, the city of Silvermere awoke to a horizon full of ash and fire. Built at the base of the volcano, its founders could not have predicted that the mountain that had watched over the city would be its downfall. An earsplitting boom as the sun began to rise woke Silvermere's citizens when the mountain's top exploded and flew across the sky. The residents of Silvermere began to evacuate, guided by city guards. The city, a bustling center of commerce, had been home to many different tribes of dragonborn, all living in harmony. By the time the ash settled and the streams of lava began to harden into stone, Silvermere had been reduced to nothing, covered by mudslides and rubble. Its population was winnowed down to four main tribes and a scattering of extras. These survivors would eventually become the four tribes of Kethendia: Moonrider, Shieldbreaker, Icetalon, and Flamesinger.

Klauth's Fury erupts fairly regularly, about once every two hundred years. While no eruption has matched the magnitude of its first, it still causes extensive damage to the surrounding area. Often, the resulting ash cloud spreads across the sky of the entire island. Following an eruption, however, the land regenerates as a lush meadow home to rare species of plant. This makes Klauth's Fury a popular destination for collectors and alchemists in the decades following an eruption. The Icetalon clan, which lives in the neighboring mountain, feels little effect from these eruptions aside from quaking due to its underground location which keeps it safe from the noxious clouds the billow from the volcano's crater.

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