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Fields of Aidona

Lida exited the city proper and turned to face her destination. Fading into the darkness of the cavern's early, the fields of Aidona stretched before her. She could see where the lights of a few homes dotted the landscape. Farmers and innkeepers are both early risers, she mused.

The fields of Aidona are the farmlands located in the northwest section of the cavern. They occupy almost one third of the cavern's total area, as is necessary to independently supply the hub's inhabitants with all the food and organic material they could need.

Purpose / Function

The fields of Aidona are used to supply the hub's residents with food and organic materials for clothing, tools, and other necessary items. Originally beginning as one farm, the fields have expanded to support the growing population and an increasing sentiment of material independence from other hubs among the Aidonians.


Sometime around AV 1150, a single, small farm was built in the Aidonian cavern, next to the Life Obelisk. The owner of this farm was a magic user who was able to harness the energy from the Obelisk to improve the output of his crops and livestock. Aidona, a very small and new hub at the time, was glad to have a source of food so near to feed the workers of the hub. The farm, also named Aidona, became very successful as it was the only agricultural area in the area.

As the hub grew, so too did the number of farms and ranches in the cavern. However, until Aidona sealed itself off, a significant portion of its food and supplies came from other hubs, or were even imported from the surface. Once the hub was sealed off, it became quickly apparent that the farms and ranches would need to expand and increase their workload to safely support the hub's citizens. A campaign spearheaded by the Lord's council pushed for more young Aidonians to take up their farm tools and help the farmers keep up with the sudden demand. The farms were expanded substantially and various programs were put into place to help support their new resource needs.

Even after Aidona opened its gates again, demand for outside goods had dropped severely. With so many farms in operation, Aidona was able to focus less on sheer quantity and begin working on expanding the variety and quality of the various agricultural products that the hub could produce. At present, each farm with crop fields has its own unique variety of roots, fungi, and other subterranean crops.

Founding Date
around AV 1150

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