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Deep Folk Idioms and Sayings

Because the culture of the Deep folk developed completely separate from the surface cultures of Galactus for so long, many of the sayings or idioms used by Deep folk are confusing when translated into Common from the Deep languages.

"So-and-so could tell you quartz is glow-rock and you'd believe them."

Quartz is a very common crystal in the Deep world and is also known for having no ability to support etherium, the magical substance found in the Deep which causes rocks to glow. This saying can be interpreted in two different ways. Firstly, this saying can indicate that the third party mentioned is very adept at lying, tricking, or convincing others to believe what they say. This is similar to the idea of some folk having so-called "silver tongues." Secondly, this saying can be used to target the individual it is directed at, implying that one is incredibly gullible or dumb and would believe anything one is told, no matter how outlandish or impossible.


This is a common insult among Deep folk. Oftentimes, surface folk are regarded with derision. They are seen as weak or cowardly, and many Deep folk find their dependence on sunlight to be ridiculous. The word "light-" or "suncrawler" is used to describe such surface folk. It is also thrown about quickly in conflict, labeling the target as a coward or weakling, not fit for life in the Deep.


For all their scoffing at the surface folk of Galactus for their dependence on sunlight, Deep folk are themselves fairly reliant on light, although arguably much lower light levels than that of the surface world. It is common practice for Deep folk to carry on their persons small cage-like metal boxes filled with glow-rocks on their belts or in other handy places. "Dark-dweller" or "darkcrawler" is used to refer to untrustworthy individuals. This is based on the idea that any illegal, illicit, or generally shady activity would occur out of sight, in the shadows and darkness just out of the range of lamps and lights. Those who hang about too long in these dark corners, or those who sneak about without carrying light with them, are generally seen as liars, cheats, and criminals.

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