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Guild of Lore: Our Homeland

Despite us going out and about the world of Gaia, there is much to even do on the very continent we call our home. Consular is a wonderful city of learning, however, we are amongst the largest continents in the world. It is amazing how much we don't know of our backyard. Perhaps it was war that did it? the Zenthians are ratyher touchy about any who enter The Twin Deserts. We even border one of them, however, it is still a very dangerous land and I am starting to think some of the warbands are starting to bleed over into our side of the Ravine.   Sahandra has so may Combined Empire ruins we must start to devle further into them. We have recently opened a division of our very guild that is dedicated to those who wish to study our home. Beyond the Grand Plains, lies the most ancient of lands of Dov-Dramach, and the enigmatic Crystal Forest. We just onyl started to chronicle Sahandra as we only have certain people and this place is absolutely massive. We are known as the land of teh Dragons too, for a reason. My very special interest has to be within Dov-Dramach and it's floating islands. The land there is so...otherworldly, no wonder the Combined Empire had an interest in this part of the planet. Despite us being a bit further north, we have tropical environments to our south so the weather here is generally very very comfortable.   I must assign a brave group to study the Iksamas Desert, The Ancient Tower there is the most preserved and it seems to be the ultimate trophy for those Zenthian warbands. It is fascinating to see such things. I do know that the Consulate is trying to restore the legendary Intercontil Highway, but there is so much danger the adventurer's guild is commissioning protection cadres to protect the excavation and restoration of the ancient Combine highway. I'm so excited to see what we can uncover here of our world's history, Who knows maybe we can find the legendary city of Atalantia! The fabled Capitol of the Combined Empire! My Fur bristles with excitement!  
~Ayave Xe'Landi, Prospector of the Adventurer's Guild.


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