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The Elven Rooted Overlook

Theorized Origins and Construction
The Elven Rooted Overlook is made from the vines and roots of the tree it is attached to. The way in which the roots and vines intertwine with the tree seems to indicate that some form of spell or a variety of spells were used to construct the pieces of the overlook. The theory is that the spells used were able to manipulate the individual parts of the tree, pulling up roots and vines and weaving them together to form ladders, structural supports, and platforms.   Stretching from the ground are hardened roots that stretch upwards and intertwine with the vines that hang from the tree’s branches, creating a webbed rope-like ladder. Which works its way to the upper reaches of the tree where the platform is located. The platform is primarily constructed of hardened weaved vines and wood. It is theorized that the platform used to be much larger than it currently is and might have included walls and a ceiling of a similar design originally. Now all that is left is a few feet of intertwined vines and the jungle’s canopy which has grown so thick over the years that it has enveloped the top half of the tree. Only enough space has been left for one person to crouch on if they are careful.   Though none of this is confirmed, as very little physical evidence or artifacts were ever left by the elves during their travels outside of Thysduin. Making this discovery very exciting for researchers, as it not only provides some physical trace of a long-lost people but also confirms their presence in the Jungles of Mijhail before the cataclysmic events of Thysduin.   The design of the platform is somewhat warped and creepy looking as if the materials that make up the structure are alive in some way. Creeping and twisting up the tree, and staying so still that those that view it see it simply as twisted pieces of wood, vine, and root.
The purpose for the Elven Rooted Overlook is not confirmed, as not enough evidence has been collected to prove any theories proposed by historians and archaeologists. However, the most popular theory for the Elven Rooted Overlook is that it was created by the elves before the founding of Esfynor. And that it acted as a lookout point for the elves for two purposes. One to keep watch over the surrounding area whilst the elves below went about their business. And two, to scout for possible locations or to ensure they were on the right track towards the area that would become Esfynor.   It is thought that many of these overlooks were constructed during the initial search, conducted by the elves when looking for a place to build Esfynor. As each would’ve provided an excellent way to find out where they were at any given time. Or that the elves set these outlooks up in order to test the surrounding area for their requirements before building Esfynor proper. Testing the soil, and wood, and surveying the area for wildlife and resources before moving on to a new testing location. Done time and time again before they found a destination that was appropriate for their purposes.   No other outlooks have been found by archaeologists or adventures since this first overlook was discovered.
Preservation Controversy
The preservation of the Elven Rooted Overlook has been hotly debated since its discovery about a decade ago.   Some historians think the canopy should be cleared so that they can see what the elves saw when standing on the overlook. And hopefully with the canopy cleared, can conduct a survey of the area visible to potentially locate the region in which Esfynor resides. Many adventurers that are also seeking the lost village, for less than historical purposes, agree with this plan of action for obvious reasons.  
The interior of the northern jungles, not far from the overlook
  Other historians argue that clearing the canopy in order to look over the horizon would be next to useless. The canopy of the jungle and the surrounding environment would have changed significantly over the thousands of years since the overlook was built. And the Jungles of Mijhail are notorious for their quick speed of growth and change over even the smallest amounts of time, let alone several thousand years. And that if there were some sort of indicator it would have to massively outreach the canopy top. And no such object has been spotted thus far, though views from above the northern jungle canopy are few and far between.   Conservationists vehemently disagree with the idea of taking down or altering any portion of the overlook, tree, or canopy. Arguing that not only would this potentially damage the priceless artifact that is the Elven Root Overlook, but would require the destruction of a large portion of the jungle’s canopy and the host tree itself. Conservationists continue, and state that damaging the ecosystem of the jungle could cause dangerous aftereffects for the surrounding vegetation and the life that relies on it.
This seemingly natural structure appears as a part of a large tree, whose roots and vines have constructed a rudimentary ladder and a small-looking platform. It is in fact, an intentional construction made by the elves thousands of years ago. And it is one of only a few elven monuments left over from their civilization after it was destroyed in the cataclysmic events of the Ioria Portal.   The overlook was discovered by Doctor Rowan Roux in her hunt for the Lost Village of Esfynor. The Elven Rooted Overlook is thought to be a lookout point for those that eventually founded the lost village. Historians believe it may provide clues to the location of Esfynor.
Unknown - Several Thousand Years Ago
Founding Date
Unknown - Several Thousand Years Ago
Parent Location
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