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Empress Toshitsuga Hatsuto

A Proud Empress, A Controversial Leader

The Empress of Shikyuo, Toshitsuga Hatsuto. A strong and proud leader of the Shikyuo people and the unified territories. Entering into her tenth year as ruler, she remains a controversial figure amongst her people. While many of her people love and respect her fair rule, others despise her and feel like she is a fraud empress sitting on a borrowed throne. Many individuals and even certain lords feel this way due in part to the controversial circumstances surrounding her ascension to the throne.   Regardless of this she still rules to the best of her ability, using her considerable intellect to guide her nation towards prosperity and balance. Which, sadly, has been a difficult task due to years of inconsistent crops and a council of lords racked with infighting and deceit.
Personal Background and History
Toshitsuga Hatsuto was born in 724 EoC, within the walls of Shinseina Castle, in Kiyosu territory. This is where her family has ruled over Shikyuo for generations. Her father, Toshitsuga Ooga, was the former emperor of Shikyuo. Upon his death, she would come to take this title and would rule over Shikyuo herself.   Hatsuto grew up under the watchful eye of many noble aids and teachers and had a very limited relationship with her father, sadly her mother died before her fourth birthday and she has limited memories of her. The only family member she ever grew close with was her brother Toshitsuga Ryouei. Her brother was six years her elder, and though he grew up much faster than she did due to his role as heir to the throne, he still found the time to bond with his younger sibling.   Both of the Toshitsuga children would be taught a broad range of topics as they grew. Including Shikyuo history and tradition, etiquette, horse-riding, and reading and writing in all of the Shikyuo dialects. While her brother was taught sword fighting, military tactics, and how to deal with the political discourse of the nation Hatsuto was taught more traditional subservient skills. Such as tea serving, astrology, and poetry. As her role as the youngest daughter, she was to be married to one of the sons of the lords sitting on the council. Hatsuto despised these classes and the idea of being handed off to a random suitor. At the time she could only remedy one of these issues, as such, she convinced her brother to teach her what he had learned in his studies on the side.   Learning from her brother, Hatsuto would develop astounding abilities in debate and political discourse. She would also develop skills in military tactics and swordsmanship. Though she does not practice often she has a natural skill in astrology and is a very spiritual and intellectual woman.   At twenty years old she was married off to the son of the lord of the Hayashida territory. And two years later she would welcome her first and only son into the world. He would be named, Toshitsuga Tomiya. Both mother and son would claim their original family name of Toshitsuga after Hatsuto’s husband died in a hunting accident shortly before Tomiya’s birth. Hatsuto and Tomiya would rejoin their family in Shinseina Castle.   Less than a year later Hatsuto’s brother, Ryouei would fail to return from an exploration expedition in the northern sea, his body was never found and was assumed to perish along with his crew. This would cause a huge rift in the family, as by default the title of ruler would now have to pass to Hatsuto, as no other heir lived. Emperor Ooaga grew ill from the grief of losing his son, and the shocking realization that his daughter, a woman, would now become empress when he died. A sinful act in his eyes.   On his death bed only a year later, with disgust in his eyes, Emperor Ooga would grant his daughter the title of Empress Toshitsuga Hatsuto. But as he died, the last divine instruction he would give his daughter would be to relinquish her throne and title to her son, Tomiya, upon his eighteenth birthday. In Ooga’s eyes, this was the only way his nation would survive. In the hands of a true male heir. Now an Empress, Hatsuto carries a deep hatred for her father and his words. Viewing them as the lowest of insults to her ability to lead her people towards prosperity. And though she wants what is best for her child, she also wishes to continue her rule and complete her vision for Shikyuo.
Divine Heir to the Throne
Some of the lords have even begun trying to sway the empresses young son, Tomiya, to their causes, in the hopes that once he becomes old enough to rule he will favour them. This is something the empress has begun to notice, it angers her greatly and Views it as deeply disrespectful to her divine rule. Since she has little power against the lords, their titles are granted via bloodline, and she can't depose them unless they commit acts of heinous treason. She is considering taking action against in order for these actions to be avoided. As such, she is considering sending her son away to study in a faraway nation with a group of associates she became close with in her youth.
Controversy and Rumours
Though she has kept her sexuality and romantic life a secret, the empress has been rumoured to take on a number of concubines and lovers in secret. Since the death of her husband she has allegedly taken on lovers of both sexes, some even say she has taken into her bed those of other races. This is a salacious rumour spread by gossips and dissidents to the throne. None can confirm any of these rumours and most assume that her petty enemies are just trying to smear her name.
Work in Progress - More to Come!
Current Location
Year of Birth
724 EoC 34 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Planned Royal Birth
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
125 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Appearance and Age
Hatsuto is thirty-four years old, she is slender and tall, has pale skin, emerald coloured eyes, and long dark pin-straight hair. She commonly wears the traditional garb of the emperor, though it has been stylized to better fit her form. Beauty lines criss-cross her face, revealing a life of hardship and stress. She commonly wears makeup to hide any perceived imperfections. A common action for all rulers in Shikyuo, both male and female alike.
Where does she rule from?
Empress Toshitsuga Hatsuto rules from Kiyosu, the capital of Shikyuo. Kiyosu is its own territory, it is much smaller than the other territories, only consisting of the capital and a few farms. Hatsuto rules from Shinseina Castle, a large fortress castle that has been the home of the ruling family since Toshitsuga Tageshira first ruled.

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