Deepglow Thread

A Master Tailor - A Golden Cloak
Weaving the thread back and forth, he shaped the material with a deft and sure hand. He had made thousands of cloaks, but this one was special. He knew it would become one of his masterpieces the moment the thread began to glow. Deepglow Thread, they called it.   Only achievable by the most experienced and talented of tailors, seamsters, and masters of fashion. That is what he was, one of the most distinguished and sought after designers of all the west coast. And this was the proof. The thread began to glow brightly as if the sun somehow coursed through the simple silken thread. No one knew how it was done, they weren’t mages after all. But here it was shimmering between his fingers as he stitched away.   Before he knew it, it was completed. A golden cloak, with layers of perfectly sewn feathers along the entire length. It would be as if the wearer had real golden wings, he thought to himself. Magnificent. He tried it on, making sure the proportions were right. They were of course. With a smile, he flicked it off of himself with a garish twirl of his hand. He turned and placed it down upon a nearby wooden standee. His client would be pleased, though he’d have to charge a premium now of course. Deepglow Thread didn’t grow on trees of course. He smiled, no, of course, it didn’t, it came from his own expert abilities as the one and only Lorne Rolfie, Master Fashion Designer. He chuckled, what an odd and wonderful title he had.
How is it created?
Deepglow Thread is created when a master tailor with many years of experience creates a piece of clothing that is considered a masterpiece. No lowly tailor or seamstress could ever hope to achieve this glorious and magical thread. No one is quite sure how it happens, as most tailors are not mages and cannot willfully access the energies of the magical realm.   However, on the rare occasion that a master sews a worthy item in his shop, the thread may begin to gently glow with the tiniest hint of magical energy. Sometimes the magical garments created with Deepglow Thread will actually bestow a boon or gift upon the wearer. Many have noticed that people suddenly react differently to them once they wear these amazing garments. As if these people have become magically smitten by the wearer's new piece of designer clothing.
Physical Characteristics
This thread can be any common or exotically found material like silk, wool, cotton, or any form of material suitable for clothing. It is what the tailor does to it upon crafting with it that transforms it into something magical. A highly-skilled skilled sewer can imbue a magical characteristic into the thread itself. Usually gifting the thread with increased durability and a slight glow or shimmer.   Deepglow Thread can cause the original material's colour and textures to increase a thousandfold. Silk becomes softer, wool becomes warmer, and whatever the colour of the original material becomes deeper and more vibrant. A yellow material turns golden and shimmers as if it holds fire within. A blue material becomes like the ocean, shifting and flowing like it has become a stream of water itself.

Magical Properties
Deepglow Thread is a magically enchanted material and has been known to bestow special abilities into the essence of the new garment it becomes. Most Deepglow garments shine or glow vibrantly and give off a faint light. Some garments, however, have even more wondrous abilities. Some have found themselves more attractive or charismatic when wearer a Deepglow cloak or cape.   One beautiful garment rumoured to be made from Deepglow Thread is the shimmering feathered cloak of the Golden Mask of Roseport. A skilled thief, the Golden Mask and his cloak seem to suddenly disappear into the shadows. Some believe that his golden cloak has the ability to shift its colours and become blacker than the darkest shadow, allowing the thief to slip away at a moments notice. Many others feel that the Golden Mask’s garments, including his cloak and mask, magically enchant him with the ability to charm people whenever he wishes. A powerful trick for a thief to posses.


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