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The bulky owl-like Avanii shuffled the snow off of his thick white feathers as he made his way into his small tree dwelling. He lived in the harsh and cold snow of northern Aldelgis, but he didn't mind. His thick frame and warm feathers kept him comfortable even in the coldest of weather.   Hundreds of miles away in the dense scrawl of Sumner a tired sparrow Avanii stumbles through the door of his small shared apartment. His tiny frame suitable for the narrow alleys and tight dwellings of Heldrin's capital.   And even farther away, on the tropical southern coasts of Fyria, a brightly coloured Avanii with intricate designs carved throughout his beak leans against the railing of his jungle home. Taking in the salty breeze of the nearby ocean.   These are the Avanii people. All share a common heritage, but each is as unique and different as they are the same.

Basic Information


Avanii have a bipedal structure, they have two legs that end in talon-tipped feet, and two arms that are covered with long wing-like feathers. These wing feathers do not give the Avanii people the ability of flight, however, in certain circumstances, they may be able to use them for limited gliding abilities. The Avanii are covered head to foot in feathers of various sizes, some so fine it feels like satin or fur. They have sharp beaks, semi-hollow bones, and eyes that can see far distances. Avanii have many slightly different variants depending on their family heritage and location.   Their sharp talons on their hands and feet can act as impromptu weapons as long as they are taken care of properly. Avanii also can survive at high altitudes due to their physiology, their semi-hollow bones and particular eyesight allows them to both withstand the high pressures and be able to see.

Ecology and Habitats

Avanii have evolved the ability to adapt to their environments much quicker than most other species. Within only a handful of generations, their bodies will adapt to whatever climate they find themselves in.   The homelands of the Avanii, which is also the place where their race is most common, is located along the southern coast of Fyria. A largely tropical locale littered with rainforests and jungle. If the Avanii could choose any location to roost they would more than likely prefer their homeland. Those Avanii that have stayed in their homeland live in large settlements strung throughout the dense foliage and trees of the rainforests and jungles. These constructs are made out of lightweight woods and fibres collected from the forests, the Avanii have developed numerous sustainable methods to harvest these materials without causing any undue harm to their natural habitat.   Those Avanii that have left their homelands live a life similar to the natural residence of wherever they have ended up. Living in small brick or wooden houses or apartments. Though some Avanii decide to live outside of cities, these Avanii take influence from their homeland kin building small homes in treetops and various other foliage. These homes are constructed out of foraged or grown materials by the Avanii who will be living there. It is important for an Avanii to have a hand in building their eventual home.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Due to the Avanii's ability to adapt to a multitude of climates and environments they can be found across the varied lands of Fyria. Despite this their numbers are fairly low across the world, only counting for a few percents of any nations average population. Their numbers certainly aren't as high as other races, especially when compared to humans.   Their numbers are far greater in their homeland which lies along the southern coastlines of Fyria.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Avanii have several physical benefits that extend their sensory and perception abilities. They have excellent eyesight and can see much farther than other humanoid creatures, some ethnicities of Avanii can see up to 60 ft. away if they have a clear line of sight. Some Avanii even have limited night vision.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Avanii that have moved on from their native homelands typically take on whatever naming traditions their new homes use. Common names in Heldrin could include Alexander, Weston, or Garret for males and Josephine, Flora, or Alena for females. Or in Aldelgis could include Grigory, Alphonse, or Wulfgang for males and Bruna, Ottilia, and Karina for females.   Traditional names Avanii names from the southern coast of Fyria are more melodic in nature and can sometimes be difficult to pronounce for those of other cultures. Some examples of surnames include Teaj, Vari, or Niuhu for males and Purea, Ariitaimai, or Auau for females. Avanii that still live in their homelands typically don't take on a family name due to their cultures familial structure.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

A common custom amongst the Avanii is the tradition of carving intricate designs into one's beak. Though the custom isn't practiced as much as it was in the past, and it is rarely done outside of the Avanii homeland. The custom requires a skilled carver to slowly chip away thin lines across the recipient's beak, this process takes many hours and can be quite painful. Though the end results are usually quite stunning. Most designs have hidden meanings or tell stories if deciphered properly. Avanii will honour lost loved ones, tell tales of adventure, or swear undying loyalty to their kin via these intricate designs.


The Avanii race first began populating a stretch of tropical rainforests along the coast of southern Fyria. Eventually, they established their own settlements, even a fair sized city. Most of these settlements still stand today and hold the largest populations of Avanii on the planet, though other races have come to comingle with the Avanii in a number of these settlements. Years after these settlements began cropping up some Avanii became restless and started to venture outside of their homelands into the rest of the world. This is where the many varieties of Avanii began. The Avanii have a great ability to adapt to their surroundings, though it does take several generations to make a full transition.   This means the Avanii of their homeland adapted to the high heat climate of the area, and because of this their feathers are bright and designed to allow air to pass through them more easily to allow better cooling. The Avanii of the northern regions of Aldelgis are a much different story, they have adapted to better suit the frigid cold of the area. Their feathers have changed to become more muted tones, designed to hide them in the snowy landscapes of the north, with much thicker layers of feathers and a much thicker skin in order to battle the wickedly cold winters.
Scientific Name
60 yrs. - 85 yrs.
Average Height
4'2" - 5'11"
Average Weight
85lbs. - 155lbs.

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