Bouquet of Blades

'Bouquet of Blades' is a set of three rings that is capable of pulling specific weapons from an unknown space. By default each weapon has the appearance of a rusted and broken version of its true splendor, unless the wielder applies their own magic to the artifact, and thereby unlocking the weapons underlying magic. This gives the artifact a very versatile list of options on how the wielder might use it, but makes it nothing but a glorified bag of holding in a common persons hands. The magic and personality of the wielder will affect the appearance and potency of the artifact, an example being, its original wielder, Tyr, was known for having pure white weapons that exuded a dark blue magic.   However the above is the artifacts secondary function, while its primary function remains unknown.   The third ring is currently missing and its unable to use its third enchantment, but the artifacts seems to have no problems functioning without it.   It's noted amongst the Talons who know of its existence, that its best used in the hands of someone who is 'Pure of Heart', though most regard that as nothing more than a nonsense fantasy.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

  • Calendula Dirk : Healing
  • Chimonanthus Sabre : Ice
  • Rose Sword : Fire
  • Quince Cleaver : Bleeding
  • Corypha Breaker Sword : Two Handed Damage
  • Bulrush Katana : Chrono
  • Larkspur Dagger : Posion

Manufacturing process

The whole process of making this artifact is only known to Black Talon Wizards serving Xun


The artifact was commissioned by Xun to be used by his son, Tyr.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
This is a unique artifact and only one was ever produced
Base Price


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