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Ash Scourge

"M, mommy, I can't see..."   "Shh... it's alright my little dove... The gods are here to take us to Eden..."
  The Ash Scourge is the condition inflicted onto those scourged by the Ashes. It's a neurological disease, affecting the brain to the point of making someone mindless or feral. This would lead to their transformation into Ashtomies or Ashseekers. 

Transmission & Vectors

When the first Human and Fera made contact with the Ashes that fell from the sky, their eyes rained blood, head throbbed painfully and chest thumped to the point of bursting.   No other ways the scourge transmit to another asides from falling from the sky and touches the skin or breathed in an Ash.


The Ash Fall is the cause of the scourge. If the area experiences Ash Fall, chances are the Ashes will infect those who aren't prepared to face it.


Bleeding eyes and nose are the earliest symptoms once someone made contact with the Ash. A terrible headache follows and their heart beats hard and rapidly.   The symptoms evolve to skin turning ashen white, their body frails and slowly losing ability to move. Their sense of taste and smell will be gone and they will turn blind.


There is no treatment for Ash Scourge.

Affected Groups

Only Humans and Feras are affected. Animals and plant life are safe from infection, although they will die from suffocation for breathing in the ashes.


In the presence of the Ash or under the Ash Fall, everyone must wear clothes that covers the skin and face. The smallest of exposure can cause immediate infection.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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