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A peaceful organization that focused on promoting knowledge, enlightenment, and harmony among the Humane and Frale. They believed in the power of education and unity to overcome the divisions perpetuated by DEPART. However, DEPART clearly viewed their teachings as a threat to their control and influence. GETHER was ruthlessly suppressed, their leaders imprisoned, and their knowledge hidden away. Some members of the organization, now operating in secrecy, continue to preserve their teachings and seek to ignite a new era of enlightenment.   LEDGE and GETHER were getting closer to learning some truths that connected the Frale and Humane to the Origin World, which¬†caused DEPART to finally disintegrate¬†their organization.   GETHER, a few outposts have been rumored to survive, but have never been proven. Research had shown the existence of a powrful link between the Frale and Humane, they collabed with LEDGE, who were shut down before them, and they suffered worse imprisonments as Depart was scared of losing their power over the Frale. Rumors of a link connecting the Frale to the Anz was popularized and eventually demonized the Frale further.   What link could have been discovered by GETHER between the Humane and Frale? that is the last sentence on the final research document that was written by a gether member before jailed. It is still the question that lingers whenever the mention of gether is brought up, as it has never, and proably never will now, be answered.
"This new group called Sight's Rise is becoming the attetion of DEPART right now, lucky for us. While a much more radicla and emotional ridden organziation, it doesn't seem to farfetched from the things we've uncovered. We are deciding today if we want to watch them too, and maybe bring them in like we did with LEDGE and join POWER agaisnt DEPART," -unnammed Commonform researcher's diary


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Aug 6, 2023 09:51

You have some great tension setup between organizations (DEPART, LEDGE, GETHER, POWER) and perhaps people groups (Humane, Anz, Frale), which helps drives great stories. As an entrypoint into Frale Tides, I'd love to understand more about what defines the people groups (ex - What's a Frale and why is the Frale being linked to the Anz a bad thing?) Good job on the SC article. LUTF!