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Bait Runners

"You're going to get us all killed one day, Cap'n. I'm sure of it."

"Just shut up and fly the ship. We don't need to let them catch us, we just need them to take our bait long enough they don't realize what the rest of the raiders here are doing."

The Ole Bait-and-Switch

There's two main jobs that the Bait Runner squads of The Raiders handle. First, is the "bait-and-switch" jobs, where they lead a target into the open with a promise of something the target desperately needs, then switch methods or objects to either kill the target, just cheat them out of the (usually) expensive item, or to distract them while someone else goes in and robs them blind.

The Ole Carrot-on-a-String

The second job that a Bait Runner squad can be assigned to handle is the "carrot-on-a-string/carrot-and-string" job. It is essentially simply that they must act as bait, luring the Galactic Security Force away from the other Raiders. Extra pay is given to the Bait Runners who complete the mission without getting caught.



An average B&S squad consists of three to five Raiders. However, the average C&S squad consists of two to five ships of varying crew capacities.



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