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Geographic Location | May 3, 2021

It's a big universe, kid. Lots to explore. Well? What are you waiting for? It's not going to explore itself.

For thousands of years, most of Humanity did not question whether there was other life in the universe. It was fine with the knowledge that whatever gods they believed in, were up there in the land above them. Then, that changed. Humanity began questioning, when science couldn't find the gods, "is there anything out there?"

For hundreds of years, Humanity believed it was alone in the universe. Unable to find signs of life, it reached out. It built spaceships, it went to the moon. It sent messages.

Then, one day that all changed. A young intern with a public institute of research, answered a hail not meant for humanity's ears. A ship, passing within the Sol system, belonging to a race known as the Ahsi, the oldest most adept spacefarers in the Galaxy, sent a call back to their leaders informing them of intercepted radio waves coming from Earth. The Human answered the hail. "My name is Sage, I'm from Earth, can you understand me? I don't know what you're saying, who you're trying to reach. Are you friendly?"

Against the better judgment of their leadership, the ship answered the human with instructions on how to send files. Showing them pictures, trying to communicate. Never before had a Galactic race gone out of their way to answer the calls of a race that had yet to reach another planet. From that point on, Humanity's greatest question was answered. We weren't alone after all.

Welcome to the Neighborhood.

  Regarding Feedback, IPA, and the Pre-Alpha state the world is in.

I would very much appreciate, with as early a state as the world itself is in as far as content and structure goes, if people would refrain from attempting to provide feedback in the comments of articles that I have not specifically asked for feedback on. Only the articles that I've requested feedback on, either in the WorldAnvil discord server, on my twitter, or via putting something in the comment box as feedback requests are at a state where I currently want or need feedback, as literally everything else could be completely rewritten to something different on the next visit I give it. The world is still basically in pre-alpha, it's mostly only public so I can enter contests and show off to my partners. The whole point of the world, currently is just me having fun.

When everything is said and done, I want people to understand that the main goal of Fractal Univere's prose writing and article wording is, and always will be, readability. It is designed with the full intention of being an adult story, written for a lower level reading group. The aim here is that anyone should be able to read my stories and world, and understand it, even if they can't read well. Because of this, none of the languages are intended (currently as of Jan. 19, 2020) to be spoken languages. I do not intend upon having IPA cluttering up the language articles either as from experience, that does NOT help people with reading difficulties understand languages. If billions of children from all over the world can learn their languages, and millions of other people learn a second or even third language, without IPA then people can learn to read a conlang without IPA, and I do not accept arguments on this, as I sincerely believe IPA is not reader friendly to anyone other than a small subset of people with a linguistics degree and this is the hill I will die on.

I'm sorry if my opinion on this subject upsets anyone, but I've asked multiple people both that I know in real life, and that I know online, and they've all told me they don't care if I don't use IPA because most of them don't even know what the symbols are supposed to sound like anyway, and since all of the people I asked fall within my target audience, it's their opinions that matter most to me.