The Galactic Community

"I hope y'all understand that calling it 'The Galactic Community' when it doesn't span the whole galaxy is a bit stupid."
— Quoted from one of the first Humans to interact with other races in a non-official setting

The size, scale, and boundaries of the Galactic Community have changed many times over the millenia since it was first founded. In the beginning it accomodated only systems controlled by the Ahsi, the Kevari, and the Fenati. This was simple, as at the time each group controlled only a few star systems in the relatively small area around what the Humans refer to as the constellation Orion's Belt, with the Ahsi specifically inhabiting an area near the Horse Head Nebula.

Over time, the area expanded with each spacefaring race that joined the community. Currently, as of the year 3500, the Galactic Community spans nearly 500 star systems and is home to a dozen sentient races capable of interstellar space flight. The most recent expansion--in the year 3450--occurred when the Humans created a colony on an asteroid cluster near Arcturus.

Despite the seemingly large number of star systems within Community borders, the area within the Galaxy that the Community controls is small. It doesn't even contain one entire arm of the Galaxy, just small parts of one arm. On the fringes of the Community borders lie several star systems that have been seized by corporate entities, those areas once known the Keva Cluster are now known as territory belonging to the Fasari Alliance or The Raiders. A singular star system lies within the Community borders that is not controlled by the Community, and that is the star system that Xuri lies within. Xuri once belonged to the Fenati, but they were outsed by their sibling race Zurosians during an attempted genocide known as The Xuri Wars.

Well beyond the borders of the community lie the area of space claimed by the Cartin Federation and the area of space (in opposite direction from them) claimed by the Mux Empire. Most species within the Galactic Community do not know of the existence of these races from beyond the community otherwise they would have attempted to communicate or ally with them. It is unknown whether either organization would be open to such negotiations.

Alternative Name(s)
Community Space
Galactic Sector
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species

Areas of Interest

The Tyrai System

This "cursed" region of space is unexplorable and, as far as the Galactic Research Foundation, Council of Representatives, and Galactic Security Forces are aware, uninhabited.

Most everyone believes the Tyrai System to be just that, a signular star system obstructed by a nebulous cloud of star dust left over from its creation; however, it appears more likely based on newer research that it may actually be a Star Cluster, or System Cluster. There's no definitive proof, and anecdotal evidence suggests that if one could look past the obstructing cloud, that they would find a place where planets appear and disappear seemingly without cause; a massive blackhole lying at the center; and something very much alive taking up the space inside the system. Some even theorize that the entire system itself might be some sort of living cosmic entity.

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Galactic Community
Organization | Mar 9, 2021
"The most important thing we must remember about our territory is that we do not own the entire Galaxy. By the fur, we don't even know what actually lies beyond our current borders. There's other intelligent life around here, and we're probably going to run into them. The goal of these first encounters should always be first and foremost to make friends. Getting them to join our Community and expand the borders of what we control is a secondary goal, and one that should only be attempted if we have the resources to provide them with the same guarantees and care we provide our people now. Borders are there to protect them, even if we're not sure they exist. Remember, we learned the Zurosians--the race that drove us Fenati off our homeworld in the first place--still exist. Our homeland is their territory, it is outside our borders. We should not mess with it."
— Quoted from Kiiran, founder of the Galactic Community


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