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The Ancient Dragnarians

The influence of the mysterious The Dragnarian culture can be seen throughout Cape Zaffre in its unique architecture.  

Architectural Echoes of the Dragnarians

The architectural legacy of the Dragnarians has become an integral part of Cape Zaffre's identity. Each building and ornamentation serves as a living tribute to the sea dragon people, from the scales on the walls of buildings, to old whale bones that can be found still holding up buildings today. It creates an enduring legacy of power revered by most of the coastlanders.  

The Lonely Lighthouse

The most iconic structure in Cape Zaffre is its Lighthouse. Built upon the rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean, its design is a spiralling set of small whalebone ribs that weave together to create a macabre but elegant structure. Truly, none may have realized the building was held up by bones had it not been weathered down so and in need of repairs.   All the same, The lighthouse's elegant sihouette and spiraling form is reminiscent of the graceful curves and movements of all sealife. Its tower is adorned with intricate carvings depicting sea creatures and mythical sea dragons, creating an enchanting spectacle when bathed in the light of the setting sun.  

Iridescent Seashell Decorations

Throughout Cape Zaffre, buildings and homes are embellished with iridescent seashell decorations. These delicate shells are used as ornaments, door handles, and window frames, reflecting the shimmering beauty of the sea.  

Other Seaside Materials

Cape Zaffre's buildings are a reflection fo the town's architectural philosophy - designed to harmoniously blend with the surrounding landscape. As such many structures incorporate natural materials, such as driftwood and colorful stones, into their construction.This further fosters a sense of unity with the environment.  

Cobblestone Nooks of Rainwater

In parks and plazas, there are often small depressions in the cobblestone strees where pools of water can gather. While now mostly birds and the odd cat sip from the depressions, it is thought that this was to aloow the Dragnarian people to stay wet and hydrated while on land.  

Ceremonial Gathering Spaces

Cape Zaffre boasts a grand Amphitheater of the Tides, where the townspeople gather for festivals, celebrations, and storytelling sessions. The design of the amphitheater is inspired by that of a whale's head, which seems to have jumped and gotten its head stuck in the land. All who sit inside can look up at the skull of the whale above and below them.


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