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The Dragnarian: Emporers of the Land and Sea

Before Cape Zaffre was built, there were a people who lived on both the land and the sea. They were a fierce people with an undersea empire to their name. But despite all their wealth and strength, they mysteriously faded behind the shadow of the waves.  

Ancient Protectors

Long ago, the Dragnarians inhabited the vast ocean depths, living beside the marine creatures as their rulers, and commanding a deep respect under the warm currents. So proud of their acheivements and seeking a challenge, they rose above the tides and built their first and only citadel.   Hoped to have been wise and noble beings, most historians of Cape Zaffre regard the Dragnarians as the first guardians of the deep, as they surely ensured the balance and preservation of the ocean's delicate ecosystems.  

Mysterious Disappearance

During their time, a great cataclysmic event occurred under the waters, causing their great empire to fall into the deep trenches of the ocean, shrouding the seas in darkness and triggering the mysterious disappearance of the Dragnarians. Accounts at that time by pirates and sailors alike reported witnessing a spectacular display of luminescent lights deep beneath the waves before the Dragnarians were never seen again. Since that day, their citadel has sat abandoned, and their undersea empire in total ruin.  

Whispers of Legends

As the ages passed, Sea Dragons have taken the place of the Dragnarians. Roaring draconic protectors of the sea, they are seen as either the creation or the offspring of the people.   The disappearance - and perhaps replacement - has now become the subject of legends and myths among coastal community of Leshiven's sailors. Their name was etched in folklore as benevolent beings whose presence signified safety and good fortune on the seas. Whatever they fought or came up against in the deep reaches of the sea, they gave their very memory to defend the seas.  

Guardian Spirits of the Coast

The people of Cape Zaffre, in particular, hold a deep reverence for the Dragnarians, believing they continue to watch over the ocean as guardian spirits. Before a terrible storm when waves crash upon the shore, some claim to see faint shadowy figures, adorned in the dresses of jellyfish and manta ray capes staring yearningly out to sea. Most folk use these as omens to prepare for large storms.  

The Quest for Knowledge

Adventurers and scholars from distant lands are drawn to Cape Zaffre, seeking the truth behind the Dragnarians' disappearance. They pore over ancient tomes and maps, hoping to uncover the secrets that lie hidden in the labyrinthian depths of the sea. Some believe that if they can decipher the mysteries surrounding the Dragnarians, they may discover their is in store for their fate and learn from the wisdom of this ancient species.  

A Dream of Return

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Dragnarians' fate, the people of Cape Zaffre hold on to the hope that one day, the sea dragon people will return. The legends of their kind and benevolent nature serves as a guiding light during difficult times, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, hope and compassion can endure.


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