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Wox (woox)

The generally accepted truth of our world is that during the apocalypse pretty much everything went extinct, and the only plants and animals to survive were the ones that old humans and later new mole people personally have genetically modified to be able to survive in the new world. But really, it would be silly to believe that nothing at all survived on its own, especially in the extensive forests of Fairy Gardens and Ä+*4~. And it’s just here where many new plants and animals are still being discovered. One of these is a mysterious wox, a hybrid of the ancient wolf and the fox.


The first wox sightings were reported as far as 200 years back in north Fairy Gardens by loggers who had to go deep into the forest to chop down trees for wood. Believing what they did back then, people generally thought that the only animals living in the forests would be the ones they would know about - and no one knew about woxes back then. It was probably because of that, that all those stories wox sightings were discredited as false. It could be anything from the loggers’ imaginations, mistaking other known animals for something else, or just tall tales to tell the people living in the towns. People have always been intrigued by these large unexplored lands and ate these stories of new unknown creatures right up, but real zoologists remained skeptical. That was until recently when the woxes have been sighted more and more often closer to the settlements on the edges of the forests. Now, they were able to actually get closer to them, confirming their existence for sure.


They look roughly the same as the ancient fox, though slightly larger. They have orange fur on top and white on their bellies, and ends of their fluffy tails. Their paws are black. They have pointy ears and pointy snouts, and their heads look more wolf-like.


Not too much is known about their behavior as of this moment, as they like to hide deep in the forest. Being officially discovered fairly recently, people didn’t yet have much time to observe their behavior. What we do know is that they live in packs with a complex hierarchy. Their families seem much like ours, but larger, with a very strict structure that goes all the way from the leader, down to the youngest offspring of the pack. Some believe that their families are actually more like harems where a single male wox has many female woxes and tough luck to any other young male wox who joins the pack. They seem to be pretty territorial as well - each pack has its own area of the forest and lines are clearly drawn. Well, clear to them, moles of course wouldn’t know too much about these subtle signs woxes leave to each other to let them know who a certain part of the forest really belongs to. All packs tend to stick to their own territories, and don’t usually interact much, they have better shit to do than strat up drama with each other, such as look for food.

They live in underground burrows that presumably stretch out across the entire territory of a pack. Who knows what exactly goes on down there though.


This brings us to their diet. It is assumed that they eat things like fruits, nuts, leaves and similar stuff that can be found all over these forests. Really, if you’re a wox living in a lush forest of Fairy Gardens you won’t have too much trouble finding plenty of food.

Where do they come from anyway?

There is still some speculation on where exactly woxes come from. There are no official records left about ancient humans or moles creating them, so they could possibly be a species that descended from wolves and foxes that somehow managed to survive all on its own. Some others believe that they were in fact created by ancient humans, but later got forgotten about, somehow. Whatever the case may be, woxes are very real and have adapted really well to living in the Fairy Gardens forests without people’s intervention just fine.

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Some people even claim to have seen Wox-people lurking in the woods, but honestly they are probably just furries. Who could blame them, woxes are pretty cool.


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