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Rice & Corn Wafers

As moles lived through many hardships and periods of scarce food, they evolved to live on a diet mainly consisting of cereals, seeds and nuts. One type of food that remained a common staple of their dies to this day are rice wafers and corn wafers. It’s no wonder, as they are a pretty simple, but versatile food.

Farms and Production

As it’s obvious from the name, they are made of rice and corn grown on large farms of Fairy Gardens. These were the first crops that became widely grown in this area and to this day, these are still the largest and oldest farms around. Today many of them include their own production facilities for the wafers to cut out the middleman and maximize the profits much needed for running such large properties. These have been passed down through generations over the centuries, and their owners are known to be some of the wealthiest residents of the area.


Corn and rice wafers are made of nothing more than puffed rice or corn, but come in many varieties. Some are plain, some have added salt, and some have different other seeds and cereals added to them - linen seeds, sesame, amaranth, oats, you name it, it all very likely exists. In addition to that, they can be eaten with any kind of sweet or savory additions. They go well with anything from chocolate, honey, nut spreads like peanut or cashew butter, cream cheese or even fruits. Today many already flavored varieties are available. You can easily get rice wafers with chocolate or added fruits.

Rice and corn wafers can be prepared in many different ways

But the variety doesn’t end here. Most commonly you’ll find them in standard sized 100g packages, but you can find bite sized varieties, or chocolate covered ones that come in smaller packages. Shapes vary as well, from standard circular one, to rectangular, or triangle shaped corn crackers.

Everyday Diet

Because of this variety and availability, rice and corn crackers are the most common and popular food eaten by moles. They are convenient to eat on the go, as a quick snack or a lunch. Moles in general don’t require a lot of food, so having a few of these is usually all that’s needed to satisfy one’s hunger during the day.

A plate of rice wafers
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
A common food staple across the world
standard packaging 100g, also sold in 16-pack boxes
Base Price


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