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Inner Fairies

What are Inner Fairies

If you wanna live in our world, you have to realize that here fairies run everything. Even your own mind. That’s right, every person in our world has two inner fairies living inside their head. These two fairies represent one’s mind and brain as a whole. They are in charge of everything from one’s consciousness, emotion, even bodily functions. Both of these fairies are usually the of the same sex as the person they’re in charge of: both male for men, both female for women, and one male and one female for the genderless part of the population. Rare cases have been observed where this wasn’t the case though, which can lead to one or the other notable mental state.

Structure of Headspace

For everything to run smoothly one’s brain needs more than just the two inner fairies though, and all the components of one’s brain need to work smoothly. These are the following:


You will often hear that the brain is the world’s most powerful supercomputer. While this could be left up for debate, one thing is true: one’s brain quite literally is a supercomputer run by the two fairies. Or more accurately, it’s a whole setup of interconnected electronics and machinery. There are different devices to monitor the outside through a variety of sensory receptors, such as eyes or ears. All the outside information is put through a computer and translated into information that inner fairies can understand. Another set of devices is dedicated to a person's responses to the outside through talking, moving or similar actions. Again another set of devices is in control of a person's thoughts, memories, dreams and imagination. Yet another very important part is all the machinery responsible for ones bodily functions, from hunger, to energy to, well, “waste disposal” and everything else.


Of course, there are some actions that are important enough to need their own buttons that inner fairies can quickly access when needed. They are responsible for some of the more notable person’s emotional or physical responses, and are usually used in the moments of emergency and as an immediate and not thought through response. Because of this, intentionally provoking someone to illicit a response controlled by these buttons is also reffered to as "pushing [someone's] buttons".

Some of these noted in comic so far are:

  • take off pants button: some call this one the horny button, which is a more descriptive name
  • red button: this one comes with a warning to not ever press it. The consequences of pressing this button are seen in episode 3-XIII, where Simon’s inner fairy presses it. Why is there an instant death button in everyone’s head is anyone’s guess
  • panic button: this one is to be pressed in a moment of panic. It’s your best bet when you don’t know what else to do.
  • inner fairy eject button: as seen in episode 5-X, Peter’s inner fairy presses a button that causes him to appear to Peter in the real world. This button should only be used in extreme cases of emergency


Yes it’s true, most of what happens in your mind is just one or the other chemical reaction in your brain. And these cocktails are those chemicals. The inner fairies try to run the things as level headedly as possible most of the time, but are extremely prone to getting drunk on those chemical and hormonal cocktails. It’s because of this moles frequently ast out in erratic manners and are known to be highly emotional humanoid species. They put their emotions, instincts and urges above reason and logic and it’s all thanks to these cocktails and their inner fairies getting drunk on them.

When Things Go Wrong

Of course, keeping up with everything can be difficult for the two inner fairies, so things have been known to go wrong. These things can be anything from inner fairies having a bit too much cocktails, too little cocktails, pressing the wrong buttons, computers glitching, or straight up losing one of the inner fairies. The loss of the inner fairy can be particularly dangerous, now with only one fairy taking care of everything things are more likely to go wrong.

You can read more details about the following conditions here:

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