Jewel of the Desert

Welcome to Elyria, the Jewel of the Desert, Beverage Capital of Lokira and Administrative Capital of the Great Elyrian Empire!
  Elyria was founded on the banks of the Pialla Oasis as a watering hole for travelers across the Elyrian Desert. It has grown to become the capital of the Elyrian Empire, although it is best known for its thriving beverage industry and water exports.


Elyria serves as the capital for the Elyrian Empire. It is the most prosperous of the handful of major cities within the Empire, largely due to its position along the shores of the Pialla Oasis. Elyrian Manor serves as the seat of government due to its role of housing the ruling family and their most essential advisors and support staff, although much of the smaller day to day issues and tasks are carried out in government buildings spread throughout the city.

Industry & Trade

Perched upon the shores of the Pialla Oasis, Elyria is largest city in the Elyrian Desert due in no small part to their easy access to water. While the oasis originally served as a watering hole for the inhabitants, allowing the town to flourish despite the burning desert, now the waters also sustain a large variety of profitable beverage manufacturers, ranging from fizzy waters to artisanal beers crafted from desert cactii. Despite this variety, waters filtered directly from the oasis remain their most popular product.   Elyria also serves as the capital of the Elyrian Empire, housing the full governing body and their families throughout the city, and the subsequent businesses that follow the administrative sear of any government. The city also sustains a thriving marketplace, as any merchants traveling across the desert must stop at the city for water and supplies.


The capital city of Elyria can be found on the northwestern shores of the Pialla Oasis. From the outskirts of the city one can view the calm, clear waters of the oasis to the north and east, with the endless dunes and cactii of the Elyrian Desert to the south and west. On cooler days an astute observer can view the Sliirninor Mountains, source of the pair of life-giving rivers that feed the oasis, to the far east.
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22 Jul, 2020 21:44

A good take on this prompt! Have you considered the shrinking water reservoir this place must be experiencing? An oasis with such pressure is bound to dry up...

22 Jul, 2020 23:19

The oasis is actually a lake along the largest river on the continent. So it does receive a constant resupply of water via two tributaries which originate on the eastern (rainforest) side of the local mountain range.

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23 Jul, 2020 11:11

Aaah, I see. I missed that detail.

23 Jul, 2020 11:25

At some point I will have better maps everywhere so there will be a visual, but I am trying not to do any further map making until DEIOS is ready. :)

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23 Jul, 2020 14:31

Hahaha, I've also been waiting for DEIOS for my maps xD

22 Jul, 2020 22:25

I adore the mental image this is giving me! And the water export is a nice touch.   The desert cacti, would they have found any other uses for it? Like part of the local cuisine? Maybe a recipe that can only be found here?

22 Jul, 2020 23:23

Oh absolutely! You know my obsession with food already, I am definitely going to have similar fun with the Elyrians. Cactus is edible and popular at various parts of the world, it's going to be fun!

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22 Jul, 2020 23:25

Given the environment, I'm so picturing cactus kabobs!

22 Jul, 2020 23:35

Salsa, cold soups, salads, chili, fried, baked, maybe smoothies or a guacamole type dip, a light flavoring in water like we use limes and lemons (cactusade?), definitely need some variations that keep the water in for areas not so close to the river... Yes. It's going to be fun!

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23 Jul, 2020 19:14

I really like information on how places were founded and grew and this is an excellent one. I have the song Telegraph Road by Dire Straits playing in my head. Rally nice storytelling too.

24 Jul, 2020 13:40

I love that you've chosen water as your resource - what a great idea. Everyone needs water! I am very intrigued by the artisanal beers made from cacti too.

9 Aug, 2020 03:48

I am going to have so much fun writing about them later when I really start digging I to Elyrian culture. There are so many things you can do with cactii, it's going to be a blast.

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