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Sliirninor Mountains

The Sliirninor Mountain Range is actually the Lokiran half of a large mountain range also extending into Shikon under the name of the Icegrave Mountains. They are known for their rich mineral resources and surprisingly low population of dragons.


The Sliirninor Mountains extend across the whole of Lokira before disappearing off the coast of Jyllaru Island to sink underwater. The range then continues across the continent of Shikon, albeit under the name of the Icegrave Mountains.   The Sliirninors in southern Lokira divide the continent, separating the lush tropical Lokiran Rainforest to the east from the arid sands of the Elyrian Desert to the west.

Fauna & Flora

The Sliirninor Mountains are home to a respectable array of small wildlife, especially the multitudes of birds that roost freely along its range. Jyllaru Island is an especially popular roosting site due to its complex cave systems and the complete lack of any large animals or Feral Dragons.   In fact, the Sleeping Brothers have the lowest concentration of dragons of a my mountain range in Fillimet, song many inhabitants of Lokira to claim the Jyllaru Bone Caves as the source of a draconic aversion to the area. The dragons themselves decline to answer, merely stating "Let the dead remain dead" to those who survive their attempts to ask.

Natural Resources

Northern Lokira

The caves of Jyllaru Island offer priceless treasures in the forms of Feral Dragon hoards and priceless histories. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery has claimed these caves as their own, with some rights given to the Goldaming Family in exchange for assistance in their research and in defending the island from looters.  

Southern Lokira

The Sliirninor Mountains along the southern island of Lokira are home to pristine mountain springs of clear water courtesy of the rains on the eastern slopes. While most of these springs remain to the east before eventually reaching the Lokiran Rainforest a few larger rivers have managed to cut their way around to the west, snaking their way across the desert to feed the Pialla Oasis.   Rich veins of ore streak through the mountains, tempting Miners with promised riches to brave the steep climbs for untold wealth. Due to the terrain travel to and from these veins is treacherous but the qualities and quantities of ore within the mountains reward those fortunate enough to find success.
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Sleeping Brothers
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