The continent of Lokira can be found in the southern hemisphere of Fillimet. It is a land of extremes, the massive arid Elyrian Desert and the lush tropical Lokiran Rainforest separated by the Sliirninor Mountain Range. Its people utilize the gifts of Lokira well, thriving within communities which have adapted perfectly to their severe surroundings.


The southern continent of Lokira is surrounded by the Blackguard Ocean to the north, the Lokiran Ocean to the south and west, and the Drakonan Ocean to the east. The mainland is mostly compromised of the Elyrian Desert, with the Lokiran Rainforest on the east coast separated from the desert by the Sliirninor Mountains. These mountains keep most of the rainfall to the east in the rainforest, although some mountain springs have managed to cut across to the western slope, eventually feeding into the Pialla Oasis towards the center of the desert. The Sliirninors continue northeast from the mainland to form the much smaller Jyllaru Island, a mountainous island famed for the Jyllaru Bone Caves.

Fauna & Flora


The mainland consists mostly of the Elyrian Desert, the Sliirninor Mountain Range, and the Lokiran Rainforest. Each of these different biomes hosts its own thriving communities of life. Of note, very few Feral Dragons can be found within Lokira, for reasons known only to the dragons themselves.  

Jyllaru Island

Jyllaru is a popular roosting point for a large variety of birds due to the lack of potential predators on the island as well as the healthy population of insects. Shrubs and large grasses grow throughout the mountains of the island, but no larger lifeforms can be found natively on the island.

Natural Resources

From the ores of the Sliirninor Mountains to the countless species of plants and animals within the Lokiran Rainforest, the abandoned treasures and knowledge within the Jyllaru Bone Caves to the fish of the Pialla Oasis, Lokira boasts a vast collection of natural resources.


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    Detailed map of the continent of Lokira.
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