Elyrian Manor

Elyrian Manor serves as the capital building of the Elyrian Empire. An engineering marvel showcasing the best features of Elyrian architecture, including living stone and water features, the Manor ensures the ruling family and those in their immediate employ live in comfort despite the desert heat.

Purpose / Function

Elyrian Manor serves as the seat of government for the Elyrian Empire, housing the ruling family and their most essential advisors and support staff. The most important matters of state are discussed and resolved within its walls, and assorted rooms and walled gardens regularly host visiting dignitaries and diplomats from across Fillimet.   Many famous individuals from Elyrian history have spent their formative years roaming the halls of the Manor, including the famed philosopher Heksibar Ewabil and the cherished musician Lariga Agar. The Elyrians value the education of their youth and all children residing within the Manor are provided with access to the best tutors in the Empire, regardless of their parents' roles within the Manor. As a result government employment has become a competitive job market among parents of young children, even among the janitorial staff.


The Manor utilizes the standard Elyrian building styles and layouts, complete with large Pyromancy-fired glass windows in all public areas, shaded by large overhangs to block the heat of the sun at all times aside from sunrise and sunset.   As with most larger community buildings in Elyria the Manor contains a an assortment of shallow internal pools, fed from the Pialla Oasis itself via underground pipes. The water and its slow current help cool the air and add a comfortable level of humidity to combat the dry heat of the surrounding desert. The water also hydrates the living stone bricks, sustaining the desert algae which give the bricks their unique abilities.   As a unique feature, the Manor boasts an impressive integration of hanging gardens within its walls, diverting waters from the pools to feed its intricate irrigation systems. A unique system of prismatic glass arrayed throughout the Manor filters the appropriate light waves into the indoor gardens to nurture the plants without any subsequent raise in temperature. Most of these gardens are open for public viewing, with the remainder reserved for private diplomatic negotiations.   Continuing deeper into the grounds the internal gardens give way to a thin courtyard encircling the central, more private areas of the Manor. These contain the living quarters of those working within the grounds, as well as physically and magically secured meeting rooms for discussing the most critical of governmental business. None may pass from the public gardens into the central building without express permission and proof of identity.


Visitors to the capital frequently visit the Manor for pleasure and business, wandering its hanging gardens or meeting with their government representatives to discuss legislation. Small tours are available if booked with enough advanced notice to follow the necessary security protocols before providing access to the more private central portions of the building. A member of the ruling family is also made available once a week to review petitions, although most official business during these events is handled by governmental clerks with the royal representative merely attending to lend a higher level of importance to the proceedings.
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Environmental Effects
Because the plentiful sands of the Elyrian Desert have been worn too smooth for use in traditional construction methods the Elyrian Manor uses living stone, a technology relying upon bacteria specially modified via Biomicrokinesis. The resultant bricks are a living organism, soaking up heat during the day to help power their self-regenerative capabilities and releasing any excess heat slowly throughout the cool desert nights and thereby maintaining a relatively stable internal temperature within the structure.
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This is really well thought through, making logical sense and achieves that prize in fantasy of believability. Also fascinated by Living Stone so I'm going to read that one next. :)

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So I do still have to write that one, BUT it is based upon this, just with some magic-based enhancements:   https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/bacteria-filled-bricks-build-themselves/

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Hopefully I remain benevolent enough to never inflict that upon the poor Elyrians.   Hopefully.   "I'm sorry, Daevv, I'm afraid I can do that."

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I suppose you could say that! It's not sapient or anything, but if a brick is broken it can it can self-heal provided any missing sand is replaced.

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This sounds so beautiful, with its hanging gardens and water features. I think my favourite detail, though, was the fact that all the kids of staff members there get access to really good education. Such a nice touch. :)

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