City Navy

The City Navy is the naval force of the city of Waterdeep. It performs maritime patrol, hunting down pirates and smugglers that operate on Waterdhavian shipping lanes, as well as protecting ships from sea monsters. As Waterdeep is so heavily reliant on maritime trade, the City Navy is the largest single part of the city's armed forces, with over 2,000 members in peacetime. The Navy is headquartered in a series of fortifications that guard Deepwater Harbor - Harborwatch Tower, Smugglers' Bane Tower, the Outer Fort, and the Inner Fort. The former Open Lord, Dagult Neverember, burned much of the fleet and hired mercenaries instead. Since the ascension of Lady Laeral Silverhand to the position of Open Lord, the City Navy has rapidly been rebuilt to its former strength.

About half of the City Navy are marines, garrisoned in the fortifications around Deepwater Harbor. The other half of the Navy are sailors and officers who man the fleet based at the Naval Harbor. The navy is comprised of 16 fast "rakers", 24 lateen-sailed galleys, and 15 transport ships. Two rakers are always on patrol outside the harbor, with another two on permanent ready status within. At least four rakers are assigned to extended patrol along the Sword Coast at any given time.
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