William IX of Poitiers

First son of Henry II of England¬†and Eleanor of Aquitaine.   William's birth frustrated¬†Louis VII of France; part of the reason for his distance with Eleanor was their failure to have a son.   William was made Count of Poitiers, a minor title of the Dukes of Aquitaine, while still an infant. He died of a seizure at Wallingford Castle and was buried at the foot of his grandfather, Henry I of England, at Reading Abbey.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Count of Poitiers
Date of Birth
17 August
Date of Death
2 December
1153 AD 1156 AD 3 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in Normandy on the same day that his father's rival, Eustace IV of Boulogne, died.
Circumstances of Death
Died of a seizure at Wallingford Castle


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