Tale of Reverence VIII

The day of negotiations finally arrived. Narion's dragon and I hid in the woods nearby, protected by Volnir's power.   My gods gathered first. For a time, I thought it may have been a trick. But then the great dragon Chyrlathyn appeared. My gods seemed small before her.   It was Zyla who spoke. She implored Chyrlathyn to leave the Heartlands, for even she could not prevent a prophecy from coming to pass. Chyrlathyn was not swayed. She said many things I did not understand, but my gods seemed to. She spoke of the ancient wars, of blood and fire and vengeance finally come, She spoke of Fire Spirits and the Servatores Memoriae, and many other words I did not know. I have researched these things, and am no closer to understanding than I was then.   Idon rebuked her, insisting that the prophecy would come to pass, but that humanity would rise against it and defeat it as they had before. The devils would come, he said, and they would lose.   I will never forget Chyrlathyn's reply. She leveled the great king with a gaze and told him: "They may come for the Heartlands, but not for the world."   At those words, Zyla looked at where I was in the forest. Narion's dragon lifted me immediately to their back and flew away. Idon shouted Chyrlathyn's foolishness at her, but his words were lost in a bone-chilling roar. I looked back to see what became of my gods, and I saw that one by one, they succumbed to Chyrlathyn's might. They left no bodies; I could only pray that it was not the grave she sent them to.   On Narion's wings, we soon approached the coast. A ship waited for me there. I asked the dragon if it would not be faster to keep flying, but they told me it was not safe. Soon all dragons would be at the mercy of the starset goddess.


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