Gold and Glass XIII

It started off slowly. Much looked the same--private dinners, most of their time spent together, late-night conversations--but it felt far different. It had been for research, and then simply because Ellette's existence was secret, and then because they became friends; now, the nights ended with a kiss to the cheek, eventually the lips. Things were not just peaceful. They were happy.   After a year, Ellette moved into Terilan's room.   The local Order of Brim members tried to keep it quiet, but Terilan and Ellette both knew they had started a betting pool over their relationship. The two had fun finding out what bets had been made, coming close to proving it right... And then pulling back.   The only bet that ever came true was the captain's. Ten years to the day they met, on the second full moon of January, late at night, Terilan and Ellette were on a walk. The only sound in the empty streets was the bubbling of the fountain. The moonlight shone off it, glittering on the surface.   They stopped walking, and Ellette whispered about how beautiful it was. Terilan said nothing, until she turned to him and he got down on one knee.


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