Gold and Glass VIII

Terilan reached a hand over to Ellette once the captain was gone.   "... Are you all right?" he asked. "Hungry at all? Or tired? Can I get you anything?"   Ellette smiled. "I wouldn't say no to something to eat, if that's possible. I would offer to help, but... I think it's still far too early in our knowing each other for you to see me in the kitchen."   Terilan laughed and nodded, standing up. "I'll make something. Do you have any requests?"   Ellette shrugged, then shook her head, and Terilan headed to the kitchen. The sounds of muffled cooking provided a pleasant backdrop to Ellette's gazing out the window, watching the captain vanish into the distance on her dragon.   They knew about her now. How long would it be, she wondered, until word got around? Certainly in her time, few she knew kept secrets well. Perhaps it would be best to prepare for the worst. Perhaps some day, she would once again need her glass coffin.


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