Gold and Glass VII

The captain sat across from Ellette, looking almost as awkward as Ellette looked nervous. They had been sitting like that for nearly five minutes, saying nothing. Finally, Terilan cleared his throat.   "If you've nothing to talk about, captain, it's getting quite late-"   "Tell me about where you're from," the captain said. "I hear it's rather... Interesting."   Ellette looked over at Terilan, who shrugged, and then back to the captain. "It was the country that was here... I'm not sure how long ago. Long enough that there's no remnants of it, at least that Terilan has found. My father was Prophet at the time--I believe now, you call it the emperor? Thiara was quite prosperous, until the end. The buildings stretched to the heavens, so high the top floors could only be reached with flight. Or sturdy lungs, I suppose." She smiled like it was an old joke, then the smile faded. "It was beautiful."   "Do you have any idea what happened to it?"   Ellette shook her head. "I know others attacked us, with the Silenean Empire's help. I don't know what happened in the end."   The captain nodded slowly and wrote something on a notepad. "And it was your father who delivered the Prophecy of Children? Did he give you any insight as to what it meant?"   "Prophecies have many meanings. Even the last lines, which may seem obvious, could mean something entirely different to what anyone thinks. The Prophets have often advised that it's best... Not to make assumptions about meanings, lest your preparations get in the way of the truth."   "I... See." A pause. "Very well. I think it best for me to do my own investigation into these events, but I will be back. Try not to cause trouble." She stood up and turned to leave.   "Captain," Ellette called. The captain stopped and looked over her shoulder. "The prophecy will come to pass. That much is clear. However many Children are born and die before it can, there will eventually come a time when all the Children live, and all play their part. Do not make the mistake those of my time made and think that Death can thwart Fate."   The captain was silent for a long time, then simply nodded and left.


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