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Oldieese Peninsula

The Oldieese Peninsula is situated on the northern part of the The Continent of Romalia. It covers the area occupied by the countries Neokar, Werraland and Blaubeuren.   The area is the homeland of the zients people who occupied the area about 15,000 years ago from unknown origins.   Due to the, Zients Old Order Trade Routes the area has an increased importance than its size and location would normally endow it with. Because it formerly controlled all trade on the old trade routes it grew wealthy and influential in both the The Continent of Romalia and the The Continent of Stabatia. these days however after the breakup of the Zients homeland into 3 separate countries that area has lost a lot of its importance.   The peninsula has the Oulofs Sea to the north, the Heptanomis Ocean to the west and the Inland Split to the south.    


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