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Adrar Edekel

  • Year - CL 4X772
  • Established - CL 4L993
  • Population - 45 006 210
  • Capital - Somsawalt
  • System of Government - Royal Family
  • Head of State - King Bhumibol Vajiralongkom IXV
  • Major Industry -
  • Currency - Peninsula Standard
  • Expected Age - 72 Years
  • Average Yearly Income - 15820 / per year
  The capital city of Somsawalt is established as the capital in CL4X563 on a series of raised mounds in what is called the cracked land near the entrance to the Adrar Inlet. There have been 4 capitals in Adrad Edekel's history. The first one was Sukhothai in the Otaki Provence from CL4L993. Then there was Ayutthaya in the Ramechiiad Provence from CL4P718. Then before Somsawali, there was Thonburi at the mouth of the River Krillelli from CL4X11.   Somsawalt is the largest of the capital cities and is today an important trade point being a deep water port and a rail hub. Sukhothai is the most historical of the cities but has been fully abandoned just leaving hundreds of abandoned buildings which the forest has reclaimed.  


Before CL4L993, Adrar Edekel was a loosely linked principality containing 3 main countries, each working virtually independently of the other. There was a "Great Federation Conference" in CL4X985 however this was unsuccessful. Despite this, there was a second "Federation Conference" in CL4X992 that was successful and the Kingdom of Adrar Edekel was established the following year. The Man who history has attributed the success of the second Conference was Prince Marhour who was King Loplasers Chief Aide. His diplomatic skills both before and during the conference are widely credited with achieving the successful outcome. He lived until CL1P56 and achieved many great things in his long life.    Adrar Edekel has never had good relations with Kingdom of Ambergris , however, it carries on at least friendly relationships with them and all other countries. Adrar Edekel has had 10 wars or border disputes over its history and 9 of them has been with Kingdom of Ambergris, The longest being 9 months in length. The other war was with the former country of Takao, which is now a part of Kingdom of Ambergris .
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Peninsula Standard

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