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Hattara Cut

Hattara Cut is the name used for an area that cuts into both Melardohr and Cocophymal within Hattara Peaks. The "Cut" is appropriately named as it seems that the mountains were sliced open. The Cut has a mix of easy walking and places that need to be traversed with care as there are jagged rocks and bubbling lava. The Cut comes out at the head of the river, Newingder River on the Cocophymal side and right below the town of Didsview.   It is rumored that there is a tribe of fire giants that live in and amongst the Hattara Cut who have unique abilities and suddenly appeared. There are a well known tribe of fire genasi that live within the Cut and in Didsview, the town above the Cut, as well. The tribe watch after travelers and also rally people if there are dangers. There are a lot of dangers that happen within the Cut and also a few interesting discoveries have happen among the years.  


Hattara Cut has strange occurrences happening from weird 'weather' storms, to new flora and fauna, and creatures both friendly and hostile coming up/from somewhere. There are shimmering areas which tend to bring something new with no signs if it is something good or bad. Flamelight, the Watcher has a knack for finding these shimmering locations and setting up guards to determine if what appears is hostile or not. Flamelight, the Watcher tends to most of the friendly creatures and connects them with a group of people traveling. He is the keeper of information and Watcher of all things caring for those hostile and friendly.
by Aaron Kiru

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