Cocophymal Common Sayings

Common phrases and their meanings around Cocophymal

Cocophymal isn't well known for different sayings nor insults than the rest of Ethrosa. Though the youth in Cocophymal are constantly working to change their language up so tellies are unaware of what they are saying.  


Delays bring new ways
When something doesn't go as planned there are other ways to look at it and move forward
A crown does not make a Queen
A leader isn't won only given by those they serve
Saving it for yesterday
Forgetful. I was 'saving it for yesterday' to bring the book back
All Hammer's marble balls on an anvil
In the worse trouble possible, used in dire situations
Yes er me
The formal way of saying 'yes'
What in the name of you?
Extremely confused in either a frustrated way or annoyed way
Taking a strategic risk


Useless, more specifically calling someone more useless than a rag that has been pooped on
oh, tator tot!
When you forget something important in front of someone
By the mist
When faced with a difficult situation that requires skill and thought
Use in any situation

Youth Slang

Trouble Mag
Caught in a sexual act that tellies disapprove of
Gem Frag
A derogatory term for a rich elite individual
Willow Break
Breakup between people who 'should be' together
Jewel's Eye
Beautiful in an envious way
Titan's Bloom
Sex of any kind
My child delays bring new ways. There be opportunities to take polk. Take stock of the issues around you and you are bound to achieve.
— A father talking to his son about romancing a partner
by Florian Klauer

Cover image: by DMMyali via Canva


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