The Mecha Union

The Mecha Union is an organization dedicated to creating Mecha standards for the industry to follow.   With an entire universe worth of minds working on a single Tech Clade, the Mecha Union handles the difficult job of determining and defining the best practices for Mecha Technology to take.


The Mecha Union was first created on Eden before The Bannercasting. The Organization had close ties with Aempis, and with the cooperation of Osborne Jadey, they quickly became the industry standard for determining best technological practicies.   When The Somnolent first formed and demanded loyalty from the corporations on Eden, the members of the Mecha Union fled with the rest of the The Jupiter Syndicate and now have their headquarters in Victoriana City.   To this day they maintain their standards with each new piece of technology that comes out, they offer free documentation and instruction of many of the best practices to any Banner.  
God damn these classes are so boring, but if you want to stay in front of the field you best tune in.
— Mecha Union Student



The Mecha Union holds courses for all things Mecha Tech, be it ironClad courses, hardware engineering courses, or even Mecha based infrastructure courses. These courses are free to any and all, streamed online to all Banners.

Theoretical Preparation

With so many new technologies approaching the feasible space, the Mecha Union hosts many of the brightest minds to brainstorm what the future has in store and how to deal with the problems of the future. These sessions are available to all Banners, who are encouraged to learn about these new technologies and the problems they may cause.

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For the Betterment of Mecha

We are sitting upon the point where Technology overtakes our ability to control it. The Mecha Union helps keep us from turning into an uncontrollable mess of bad practice.


Do No Harm

Mecha Union does not pass standards on offensive technology, though their standards are often used to program them.  

For the better of All

The Mecha Union Standards are meant to improve the field for all users, regardless of Banner, Creed, or Kinds.
Educational, Scientific Institute
Alternative Names
The M.U

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