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Pliertrap Beetle


Six legs ending in flexible pedipalps support a highly flexible multi segmented thorax body terminating in a head turned, by default, skyward, offering its massive, hooked, beaked mandibles up for any creature unwitting enough to step on them.

Should it succeed in its goal getting stepped on, it will immediately attempt to coil its body out of danger, leaving the head alone supporting its weight.

To illustrate the severity of this misstep, outlanders are known to seek the skulls of the Pliertrap for use in handcraft tool sets. They're not as reliable as something forged, but they're better than by hand, and as hard as pig iron.

Hold up your hand. Their mandibles are about as big as the V formed by your pointer and middle fingers. Yes, even if your hands are Lilliputian. Yes, even if your hands are Brobdingnagian, And yes even if your fingers aren't quite even -- Outlanders agree: the hardest Pliertrap's are the ones with uneven beaks.

If the Pliertrap tastes blood, it will inject a poison through the bite, flip its body around, and climb up its victims to bite at the warmest and most tender parts of their body until they die. It is an ill-advised experience.

  They are found towards the corralum surface and near their entrances.   They stick near places of shade and with hard earth to wedge their head against. They may use the coverage of sand or scrub to camouflage, though do so at the risk of their own flexibility at times.   CAUTION: When it rains they may sit in overhangs. Unwitting prey which walks beneath them may find itself surprised by the horse-hard-strike of the Pliertrap's jaw landing around their head, face, neck, or shoulders.   They are infrared monochromatics, and can only see through infrared. They use this to determine the density of the sand or stone around them based on heat retention and dispersal. This heat perception is finely and unfortunately tuned, they're very accurate in their attacks, when it comes to biting at an important artery, or surface organs.
To Capture One   The quick and easy way is to find one poised to trap you, and bring a log (about least as thick as your wrist) down onto its head with the force and motion of chopping wood. If done right, this will stick the head, and it will be trapped for several hours. They are also quite susceptible to fire, and will unthinkingly walk into it, though once near it are likely to focus on moving prey over the stationary fire.   Some outlanders use a burning pendulum over a pit of hot coals to hunt and bake the Pliertraps on cold breezy desert nights.
(Aloud of a guy chilling with his family when his outlander Uncle stokes hot coils all day saying that "I believe that come nightfall, dinner will march right out of the desert and onto our plates.   Sure enough, as soon as it gets cold they follow the heat wisps, are memorized by the pendulum, and walk into their demise.   Served up with veggies and steam fried in oil.


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