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Pact Colonization


When a planet is secured for settlement or reclamation by the Pact, the 10 Jhoutaioan Nations of the Pact Council vehemently (and sometimes violently) debates and negotiates over every inch of land and every chip of resource. This is a process which may take either months or years, and which will be repeated again within the nation(s) that win out, as they elect, nominate, conscript, or dictate who amongst their population or colonies should be among the settlers. Those selected people will be escorted and aided by the unified and united forces of the Pact Council: The Jhoutigari, whose lower ranks are conscripted laborer and higher ranks are career volunteers willfully promoted from those conscripts.


Rather than waiting either years or decades for this process to play out, many of the prevailing powers of Jhoutai (typically those who share blood, debt, or bed with those in office) will take advantage of the early legal grey zone to start colonizing anyway, confident that the left hand on Jhoutai can negotiate for the land that the right hand on the new world has already begun to till. Adventure capitalists, nobility with something to prove, and heretical cults are the most common culprit.


For some of the colonies on this new world, this promise will come true, and when the Jhoutigari forces finally reach enough of an escape velocity to escape the black hole of Pact bureaucracy, it will be to find to arms wide in welcome. To those colonies, the arrival of the Jhoutigari means a welcome boon of machinery, amenities, and family members long awaited.


The Jhoutigari otherwise find little welcome when they come to tell a colony that their benefactors were unable to justify the deed, and that the colony is under new ownership.


The Jhoutigari keeps its hands full with insurgencies during this phase.


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