Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure is a recreational hotspot that sits in the slum district of Cuidad Uno. The business is ran by the eclectic GearHeart, Maxxy Topshelf.

The business thrives on the pleasure-destitue city, providing one of the few escapes for the right fee. It offers Virtual Reality, augmented reality, gambling, and consumption. It is also a place in the city where many peoplehappen to disappear after enjoying themselves too much.

There's only one cesspool in the city that advertises fun. Desert Treaasure.

Lame name, lamer owner. People need an escape from this shitty dome sure, but I've seen too many desperate people go in and not come back out.

Robert Kiska
Recollection of Sig V's Immortals.

Business As Usual

The Desert Treasure is an unassuming place, which is hard to do in the detritus-dense city that is Cuidad Uno. A silent stone winding staircase in an alley leads down to the set of wide double doors, painted red and weathered with the years.

Once someone steps through those doors, they are met with a cacaphony of leisurely sounds and hypnotizing lights. Patrons partake in every pleasure the city can afford. Gambling, drinking, ingesting Brainbuld, sex, virtual reality, and much more.

Some spend hours or even days at the time, escaping from the hopeless hell that is Cuidad Uno. The establishment charges the patreons by the hour, and so many acrue massive debts in attempts to enjoy themselves.

Business Behind Closed Doors

You know for all the hype, I thought this place would be a lot bigger.

Desert Treasure and its owner have more ways to make money than just scraping the locals for pleasure change. There are another pair of doors at the back of the club, these are made of steel, and are under constant guard by Maxxy's personal bodyguards.

Behind those doors is a dark lit room, where dozens of unfortunate pleasure seekers find themselves after accruing too much debt. Should someone not be able to pay off what they owe, Maxxy offers a "compromise."

Work in the back room a bit for me, yeah? Get you all squared away. Just follow my boy Marcel and we'll get you right at home.

Maxxy Topshelf

Those people are attached into a Full-Activity Simulation Mill, a Federation technology that pays out for each hour spent engaged in combat simulations.

Those who go in most likely will never come out, their mind fried by insanity or over-saturation of knowledge.

Sora-Khai Enters

Sora-Khai came into power after the Desert Treasure had already claimed a vast section of entertainment revenue in the city. Some other bars operated as well, but only Desert Treasure had technology behind it.

Seeing the opportunity to push his growing drug operation, Sora-Khai approached the owner of the establishment Maxxy Topshelf, and offered to strike a deal.

Desert Treasure would be ran beneath Sora-Khais empire. Desert Treasure would get Sora-Khai's protection, cheaper access to external trade, and Sora-Khai would turn a blind eye to Maxxy's other operations.

The deal was accepted and now Maxxy Topshelf only answers to one person, and that's Sora-Khai.

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Recreational Types

Bar and Casino

A place for folks to "try their luck" and relax. A litany of pay-to-play games await those who want to try and make it big. A few may come out positive, but far more just wind up deeper in the hole.

Reality Bar

The Reality Bar has multiple Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions to allow people to escape somewhere else temporarily. These charge by the hour, and some experiences have more of a premium than others.

The Den
A private area in the back where individuals can purchase and partake in a variety of imported or local drugs. These range from staple halluciengens like Swing, to local favorites like Brainbuld.

Come one come all, looking to escape for a while? Tired of having fried grubs for dinner again? Maybe you just want to savor the pleasures that the world can offer?

Come into my office, eager Cuidadians! I can grant you pleasure unlimited!

Maxxy Topshelf


Desert Treasure is built and equipped to look as modern as Cuidad Uno could ever afford to be.

For those coming from offworld, things are a bit behind the normal. Technology is a couple generations old, games are antiquated and the newest drinks and drugs can't be found.

To those who live on Sig V however, it's is the closest thing to modern amenties that people can enjoy.


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