Brainbuld is one of the only exports of Sig V, a mind-altering drug, known for its "unlocking" properties. It is served dried, fermented, or paired with food.

The high from Braindbuld is said to make the user feel a sense of invincibility and enlightenment. Of course in reality, the user is most likely a grinning puddle on a sofa in the corner of the room.


Comfortably Numb

Brainbuld is seen as a niche drug, but it is one of the few plants that grow reliably in Sig V's waters and limited soil space. With so little other economic output, the Brainbuld is a large money-maker for Sora-Khai.

It is also distributed locally throughout Sig V to keep the populace content. There is no shortage of depression and desperation to escape within the bleak city, so to many a slab of Brainblud is the only moment of peace.


Brainblud is grown in shallow mineral-devoid water. Which makes it a popular plant to grow in the canals of Sig V. Some run their own farms, while bigger operations can span entire miles of the waterways.

The fruits that contain the pscyhoactive compounds grow to about the size of a large eggplant, with the shape of a radish. They are havested from the roots, sliced and dried.

From there, the dried fruits can be distilled or served as is. The distillation process is hidden from the public view, and only Magpie and Sora-Khai knows where the operation is.

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The quickest and least refined form to produce, dried Brainblud is served in cut squares. It has a squishy consistency akin to a marshmellow.

The high from dried Brainblud is quick to set and quick to fade away. It is the most common form.


With basic facilities, Brainblud can be distilled into a pungent liquid that can be consumed.

This refined Brainblud is the most pricey, but also introduces the longest and more powerful kick. Some do not come back from distilled Brainblud, as it can cause cranial hemorrhages at high dosage.


Dried Brainblud can be added to other foods to instill a mild high. With its mild spice, it is a popular food additive to try and make bland food more fulfilling to eat. This serving method has the least side effects.


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