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The Undersea is an expansive body of water located within Etharai's wandering tunnels. It is the largest source of groundwater on the planet. However, the water is almost entirely stagnant, as well as overly salty, making it unsuitable as a drinking source without lots of treatment - though kuuyikar are still able to drink it with no consequence. The Undersea is host to a variety of strange and unique creatures that can be found only there, and sitting in its centre is the city of Eyaouth.

Natural Phenomena

The Undersea, while not subject to normal weather phenomena, still has what locals like to refer to as "quite a temper". The area is prone to earthquakes, which shake the water and cause large, looming waves. Small earthquakes arrive intermittently, a norm being around three to four earthquakes every hour. Most of these are barely noticeable, only a slight tremor in the ground. However, there is usually at least one a day strong enough to disturb regular activity, and generally around two to three a week strong enough to destroy buildings and structures without earthquake-aware engineering.


Due to its detached nature from all other bodies of water on the planet, the ecosystem of the Undersea is unique. The plants lining its floor are primarily moss algae and clustering seafern. Small wildlife such as the fleshcarp and the saltskin leech are hunted by larger animals like the buttonshark or flathead eel, which are in turn hunted by the apex predator in the region, the lionshark.


The Undersea and the air above it are both known to be incredibly cold, with chilling winds rushing through the cavernous expanse. These winds make sailing a quick way of travel - if one can operate their boat well and deal with the equally strong waves caused by constant earthquakes in the region. A few have made a living off of ferrying people through the temperamental waters.


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