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Moss Algae

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Moss algae is a species of algae that can be found covering the floor of the Undersea. It has a dark green colour, and sinks to the bottom of the water, causing it to have an appearance similar to moss, hence its name. However, the difference between this algae and moss, aside from taxonomy and inner biology, is that moss algae does not attach to the rocks that it is found atop. Rather, it moves and shifts at every current, at the whims of the earthquakes and waves. The species is eaten occasionally by particularly desperate saltskin leeches, but aside from that does not have any natural predators. Rather, it grows uninhibited, which has resulted in the bottom of the Undersea being coated in a thick layer of moss algae. The species is farmed and eaten by those residing in Eyaouth, though to nowhere near the level that would be required to reduce its population.


Moss algae grows in vaguely spherical clumps, which are fuzzy in appearance and slimy to the touch. It is a dark slightly bluish-tinted green, though at the floor of the ocean appears almost black in colour. The species can reproduce both sexually and asexually, with complex and overlapping life stages. The species gains nutrients from debris in the water, and will also often cannibalise itself. It is also is able to gain some nutrients from the salt in its water, and if placed in a smaller body of water, will remove all of the salt from that water when given enough time. This process is slow, however, and not quite as beneficial to the species as it could be.
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