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Saltskin Leech

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The saltskin leech is a parasitic worm species that can be found in the Undersea, within the wandering tunnels of Etharai.

Basic Information


The saltskin leech is a segmented parasitic worm, each segment divided by ring-like markings. They have 32 segments total, in addition to two more head segments. 21 of these are mid-body segments, and the on end of the body is located the animal's sucker. It uses this to obtain its nutrients, leeching blood from other species. It can feed on most of the other fauna in the region. However, it is unique in the fact that, as a backup source of nutrients, it is able to feed off of some of the flora as well. This is only a secondary method, with very minimal benefits, so is only used when a leech cannot find any other living organisms. The leech itself has slimy, dark brown skin, a salty fluid covering the entirety of their bodies. This fluid is constantly produced and excreted by the species, and is toxic to consume by most other species, giving it some protection against predation. However, there are still some species capable of eating this leech, including the kuuyik and the buttonshark. The former in particular enjoys eating fried saltskin leeches as a delicacy.

Genetics and Reproduction

Saltskin leeches are hermaphroditic, with their male reproductive organs developing slightly earlier than their female ones. They still require sexual reproduce to procreate, however, with two leeches involved in the process, and both bearing young. They secrete eggs, which are contained in cocoons. The species is known to lay 3-5 cocoons at a time, which latch to surfaces until the eggs are ready to hatch.
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